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All brides-to-be want their special day to be perfect. But before they could tick off all the items in their wedding to-do lists, the first order of business is finding a good venue. Aside from having ample space for all the guests, it’s important that the celebration takes place in a beautiful place that fits the budget. Though accessibility is a priority for most couples, some prefer a more memorable celebration in a scenic destination. If you’re looking to tie the knot through a destination wedding, why not opt to book an AirBnb instead? 

Though we mostly go to the site to look for Insta-worthy accommodations, AirBnb actually has listings where you can hold events and parties. It seems like an unusual option but even celebrity couples like Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have chosen to do this instead. Not only are they cheaper than booking an actual venue overseas, but some of these have a few accompanying rooms to accommodate you and some of your guests. If you’re looking for a unique place where you can say your vows, check out these listings for your dream destination wedding below. 

Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

A white house with ample garden space atop a hill makes for a good destination wedding venue


If you want a simple yet intimate backyard wedding, then be sure to check out this listing located in Atami City. Usually booked as a shooting location, this house also has enough space if you want to hold an event in its garden. Sitting atop a hill overlooking the sea, this AirBnb listing will surely give you the one-of-a-kind picturesque wedding you’ve been dreaming of. Aside from that, pets are allowed here, so you can freely include your cute furbabies in your entourage. 

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

A lush secluded area near the jungle dressed as a wedding venue


Set in a tropical paradise, this villa in Ubud makes for a perfect destination wedding for nature-loving couples. Surrounded by a lush Balinese jungle, the listing has become a popular destination wedding venue for couples who want a more intimate celebration. Because the staff can also organise the event for you, you can walk down the flower-strewn path to forever completely worry-free! Since the listing includes large suites, you can stay in to rest and relax in marital bliss after the festivities. 

Borgia Castle, Tuscany, Italy

A renaissance castle in Tuscany


For ladies who want to feel like the queen they are on their wedding day, perhaps this actual castle in Tuscany is the place to be. Make your fairy tale wedding happen and book this old castle that once belonged to the Borgias, who rose to prominence during the Renaissance. Hold an unforgettable ceremony in the castle’s surrounding beautiful garden and enjoy your reception in a spacious hall indoors. What’s great with this venue is that it has staff that can help you with wedding preparations, as well as a few rooms where you and some guests can sleep in and prepare for the big day.

Cabin Creek Lodge, Washington, USA


Located in Easton, this lodge is perfect for outdoorsy couples who’re planning a rustic-themed nuptials. Say I do surrounded by towering pine trees — a one of a kind scenery for your destination wedding that requires little dressing up. It also has basic necessities like the tables, chairs, and so on for weddings and other events. With the cabin’s spacious interiors, your friends and family have plenty of room to stay in after a night of heart-warming fun. 

Dantosa Retreat, New South Wales, Australia

A lakehouse surrounded by lush orange trees


Have your most magical day in an idyllic and peaceful venue like the Dantosa Retreat. You can book the whole property, which includes two houses, activity areas, and a garden. If you’ve been planning to have a quaint lakeside wedding, then you might want to consider this one. The retreat looks especially breath-taking when you visit in the fall, with the trees turning different shades of red and orange. It’s definitely perfect if you’ve been dreaming of a unique background as you marry The One.

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