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Make Your At-Home Holiday Meals Extra Special With These Picks

It’s no question that how we celebrate our holidays this year would be quite different from before. Aside from cautiously shopping and planning our gatherings to follow social distancing measures, we are also reconsidering dining out plans and favoring intimate home-cooked affairs. What if we tell you that there are ways to make your holiday meals a little extra special – and delicious – for you and your loved ones this season?

Cue the multi-use BRUNO hotplate, a versatile cooking tool with interchangeable attachments that will make your communal holiday celebrations effortless, enjoyable, and of course, filled with delectable dishes with their range of home-cooking essentials. Our top picks from their range below.

BRUNO Compact Hotplate in Classic and Seasonal Colours, SGD199 onwards

To ensure that everyone’s settled in the dining room and no one gets left behind in the kitchen at the peak of the festivities, we recommend the BRUNO Compact Hotplate. It’s the perfect homeware tool for a variety of dishes, from pancakes to meat, all prepped at the comfort of your dining table.

Available in two classic colours, Red and White, and seasonal colours befitting of the festivities – Pale Blue and Smokey Green – every compact hotplate set comes with a hotplate machine, flat plate, takoyaki plate, and a wooden spatula to accommodate almost every craving you have in mind. It makes the perfect gift for kitchen-savvy friends, family members, or hey, even yourself!

Compact Hotplate in White

SGD 199.00

Compact Hotplate in Pale Blue

SGD 199.00

Compact Hotplate in Smokey Green

SGD 199.00

BRUNO Compact Ceramic Coated Pot, SGD58

Our love for hotpots, stews, or anything hearty and rich in flavour is simply ingrained in our culture. That’s why sitting around the table and sharing a warm bowl of gourmet goodness with our loved ones, be it the festive season or any time of the year, makes the dining experience a lot more grounded and closer to home.

Perfectly complementing your Compact Hotplate is this Compact Ceramic Coated Pot, which is sold separately. Made with non-stick ceramic coating that makes it easy to cook with and wash, it does its job to make every mealtime – and every post-mealtime – extra special and extra breezy.

COMPACT Ceramic Pot

SGD 58.00

BRUNO Compact Multi-Plate, SGD50

Need something even more versatile for your own kitchen? Or maybe something to give your talented home cook friend? Go for the fuss-free Compact Multi-Plate accessory to match your Compact Hotplate. This multi-purpose attachment works great for achieving fresh, hot and ready-to-serve dishes – whether you’re going for perfectly-round eggs, muffins or other delectable appetisers or bite-sized courses. You can even use it for desserts like mini crepes and pancakes without the need to go for other add-ons. Just cook ‘em and serve ‘em at once with this nifty pan!

Compact Multi-Plate

SGD 50.00

BRUNO Recipe Book + Notebook, SGD15.90

Planning the menu on the holiday table can be quite stressful. To ease your worries and potential holiday planning anxieties, BRUNO also has a Recipe Book which features a selection of breakfast, lunch, snack time and dinner options for you to try, tweak and serve to your liking. There are also blank pages at the back of the book for you to keep your own cooking notes whenever you’re up for experimenting with your hotplate.

Recipe Book + Notebook

SGD 15.90

Ready to make your holiday meals extra special with BRUNO? Get your BRUNO products which come with a one-year warranty via Maison Ace, the brand’s authorised distributor.