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Every woman has a relationship with lipstick. It doesn't matter whether you love doing a full face of makeup or not. Whether you're a full-fledged beauty addict or just a casual makeup enthusiast, you surely have a lipstick story. This is because even with a bare face, a simple swipe of the right lippie makes all the difference in one's look, mood, and overall presence. 

So in celebration of our beloved makeup must-have, we rounded up lipsticks that will make you fall in love at first sight and swipe, depending on what mood you're in. 

For unparalleled elegance: Kanebo Coffret Do'r Bijoux Collection Lipsticks

Packing all its goodness in a sleek off-white packaging embellished with gemstone graphics that speak elegance, luxury, and style, Kanebo's Coffret Do'r 10th Anniversary Bijoux Collection Lipsticks are more than just pretty picks. Their high-pigment shades boast a beautiful plumping effect, comfort-for-wear throughout the day, and high-moisture and lip care courtesy of infused hyaluronic acid and collagen. Talk about two-in-one wonders for your puckers, right?

For sharp sultriness: Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin Velvet Matte 

Alluring and definitely sexy, this release from Christian Louboutin's beauty line never ceases to amaze despite it being in the market for a while now. Its 22 shades come in fiery reds and bold nudes that are perfect for exuding sharp sultriness on days when you're feeling extra. Plus, the packaging has killer looks —  with a silk ribbon that can serve as your necklace chain and the lippie doubling as the gothic pendant. 


For perky days: Paul & Joe Limited Edition Summer 2019 Collection Lipsticks

Paul & Joe lippies need no introduction as we all know them for their cute cat tips. But they are amping it up this season with the arrival of the limited-edition Dance Dance Disco Summer 2019 collection featuring — wait for it — 'Tropicat' case designs. Yep, no typo there! We're talking summery cat-filled cases mixed with the brand's Pearl Lipsticks that give shine to your lips — and your entire look — for perky and quirky days ahead. 

For whimsicality: Anna Sui Sheer Flower Lipsticks

On days when you're feeling flighty and imaginative, these lippies from Anna Sui will definitely make your day. Giving us fairy queen vibes with its flora-embellished packaging plus whimsical colour range, these lipsticks are perfect for magical looks you're planning to create. 

For channelling fancy vintage vibes: Jill Stuart Lip Blossom Velvet

Vintage beauty is all the rage this season so we're sure you're already prepping to jump on that classy train. And what better way to do so than owning a lippie whose design brings you back to the roaring '20s while still being practical? We're looking at you, Jill Stuart Lip Blossom Velvet line. Aside from its soft matte finish and gorgeous package, its camouflaged lip mirror at the cap proves to be a necessity when you're retouching while on the go. 

For not-so-casual casual affairs: Etude House Better Lips Talk Velvet

Now that we've set the glammed-up lippies for more occasional moods and affairs, we're here to end the list with a go-to everyday lippie that tones down the theatrics but still packs a punch. We're talking about the Etude House Better Lips Talk Velvet with its crush-worthy soft-pink-and-gold casing. This bullet pick gives flair to your usual choice with its stellar shade selection. It also upgrades the Etude House lippies' fun and flirty aesthetic to something classier and more sophisticated. 

(Cover photo from: @coffret_dor_official; @etudehouseofficial)

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