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Shodoshima Angel Road

There is a road in Japan that lovers look for. It is said that walking this road hand-in-hand with your lover will make your relationship blessed and your love eternal. But the catch is you have to find this mysteriously disappearing road first.

Shodoshima is a bean-shaped island, the second largest island located in Japan’s Seto Inland Sea area that’s just over 150sq km large and famous for producing tasty soy sauce and olive products. But hidden near Tonosho Port on the western side of the island is the legendary Angel Road, which, in reality, is a sandbar that connects to three smaller islands that are only visible during low tide twice a day.

Wish on a shell

Check the tide schedules to make sure you come at the right time. If you do, you will see a 500m long stretch of sandy beach where you can cross the sea on foot to the island of Yoshima. Many couples write their relationship wishes on a small wooden plaque and hang them on the surrounding trees to both mark their visit and declare their eternal love.

The best view of Angel Road is from a little hill right next to the sandbar. Climb a short flight of stairs to this lookout point known as the rather poetic Hill of Promises where you can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding sea and islands, and ring a special bell for even more good fortune for you and your partner.

After walking the Angel Road, take a break at the Angel Cafe 405 (Yonmarugo Angel Cafe) and enjoy a cute soft-serve ice cream with angel wings or some tinted sodas. Alternatively, book a stay at the adjacent Shodoshima International Hotel, which has several rooms and a relaxing open-air Onsen that offers spectacular views of the Angel Road so you’ll always know when it appears.

Hill of Promises

How to get to Shodoshima

Shodoshima is part of the Setouchi Islands, found in central Japan’s Seto Inland Sea area. Find your way to either Shin-Okayama port in Okayama Prefecture on the Chugoku side of the sea or Takamatsu port in Kagawa Prefecture in Shikoku, and then take a direct ferry to Shodoshima’s Tonosho Port. If you end up at any of the other ports on Shodoshima, you can take a public bus to Tonosho. More details here.

Shodoshima is fairly large and the best way to get around is to rent a car if you can for maximum convenience. Public buses are available but infrequent, so make sure you know the schedules well.

Besides visiting the Angel Road, most people like to check out the picturesque Kankakei Gorge, with a ropeway that’s especially popular for its fiery Autumn visage. Make sure to try out the various olive products that the island is famous for, and check out how soy sauce is traditionally made.

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