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How This Japanese Tote Is Environmentally Friendly

Less Wasteful, More Sustainable

“Sustainability” and “eco-friendly” are terms that are being championed in fashion now — not just by brands but also consumers. More and more people are beginning to become more environmentally conscious, but how do we actually take the steps towards more eco-friendly fashion purchases? If you’re taking the opportunity to relook your wardrobe choices, may we interest you in bags from The Container Shop.

We’re all familiar with the concept of not leaving food leftovers. Well, The Container Shop follows the same philosophy; they seek to not leave any leftover materials when producing their bags. By designing their bags to best fit the width of each fabric, they reduce the need to trim off any excess, thereby reducing waste created in the process.

Bags from The Container Shop are also designed to be timeless. Not chasing trends means their totes never go out of style. Dress your pick with an oversized blazer for work, or down with sneakers for your errands. With no need to update the wardrobe every season, you buy less, and naturally throw out less!

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Standard Canvas Tote Hm

SGD 75.15

Clear Bag Lts

SGD 49.70

Standard Canvas Tote Wm

SGD 62.45

(Product photos from: Sift & Pick)