AMIAYA Fashion: Tokyo's Most Stylish Duo | CoolJapan

Even if you're not familiar with the Japanese music scene, there's a good chance that you've already encountered the music duo AMIAYA. You may have already seen their outfits on Instagram's explore page or saw their features on Elle, Vogue or Harper's Bazaar — one way or another, we're pretty sure they've been on your radar. After all, it's hard to miss the signature AMIAYA fashion: hot pink bobs and matching eccentric style. 

Before they frequented fashion weeks and twin-related listicles, the two graced the streets of Harajuku, where they were scouted. In an interview with Tokyo Weekender, Ami & Aya shared that they took "odd jobs" to support themselves while they were in the capital including working at a cosmetics factory. But the Shizuoka natives eventually decided to return home. Two years later, they tried their luck again and finally found their momentum. 

By 2013, they already had a clothing line, Jouetie, and their first album called Tokyo Pop. AMIAYA will go on to release a few more albums and digital singles in 2014. 

But after that, the twins seem to have concentrated on becoming influencers slash style icons and began attending fashion shows regularly (on the frow, of course) where their unique looks often caught the fancy of many. Until now, the AMIAYA fashion sense continues to captivate us. Here are some looks donned by this duo that we'd love to cop with our bestie.

Pink a palooza

Pink is the signature colour of AMIAYA's fashion ensembles. These two really love to load up on hot pink to match their equally eye-catching hair colours. Although one may imagine that pairing pink on pink would be too much, Ami & Aya pull it off perfectly by donning different textures and prints for more depth. Check out that complementary sequined pants and plaid outfit!

Print pairing

Most of Ami & Aya's outfits are identical, but when they go for something a little more individualistic both looks still go well with each other. Here, they wore different prints and cuts but maintained a sense of visual unity by going for a blue colour scheme and matching their socks and shoes. How cute!

Plaid play

If you and your bestie are newbies to the whole matchy-matchy concept, try starting with plaids. Despite the look appearing complicated, it's actually easy to pair together different kinds of plaids. The key is in finding patterns that complement each other. It's also a great way to pair outfits with your best gals while still maintaining your personal style.

Bring on the berets

Another easy way to match with your bestie is to wear the same accessory while dressing in similar colours. Even if your outfits are different — for example, one is a dress and the other is in pants — they still look matching and harmonious. It also helps if you put on the same makeup style like Ami and Aya.

One piece is all it takes

Sometimes, one piece is all it takes to create a cute matching look. Take a cue from this AMIAYA fashion ensemble and match one piece of clothing. Of course, matching outerwear might not be the most practical for the weather in our region, but you can still definitely make use of this tip by getting a matching skirt and wearing different tees (or vice versa). 

Gorgeous geometrics

You may not be the best at geometry back in school, but in adulthood, there are other ways to conquer it — like in fashion. Just look at how flawlessly Ami & Aya flaunt their geometric look. Take note of how each of their dresses is just a variation of the other.