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5 Sartorial Picks From edt, An Underrated Japanese Bag Brand

Here are our top five sartorial picks from this underrated Japanese bag brand which you can get from Sift & Pick.

Nomono Treats For Your Hanami Party At Home This Cherry Blossom Season

Every year, come March, the much-anticipated cherry blossom season gets everyone excited. As pretty cherry blossoms start blooming in the prettiest shades of pink across Japan

Aomori Apple Pies You Need To Know About

Different stores in Aomori have come up with their own unique way to best savour the Aomori apple in pie form. Here are our favourites.

5 Stylish Japanese Drama Heroines To Watch On Netflix

Natsume Hyakuta from 'Followers', Momoko Adachi from 'Our Sister's Soulmate' — let these, along with other Japanese drama heroines, inspire your fashion choices with these outfit ideas.

Places In Japan For Animal Lovers To Visit Virtually

Japan has destinations for every kind of tourist. Here are five animal-friendly places in Japan that animal-lovers can visit, virtually or in person.

Are Japanese Gel Nails Any Good?

Japanese gel nails are becoming a favourite among nail enthusiasts. They offer long-lasting colours yet can be easily removed or filed down. Here’s why you should try them.

Ski Resorts In Niigata For Four Types Of Travellers

With snowy conditions in Niigata Prefecture lasting well into April and May, you still have time to plan a ski vacation. Here are four recommendations on where to stay.

Everything To Know About Ume Blossoms, Japan's First Sign Of Spring

Unbeknownst to many, the Plum Blossoms (or locally known as Ume Blossoms) are the true beckoning of Japan's spring season!

Meiri Shurui: Ibaraki’s Finest Japanese Spirits

Home to more than 40 sake breweries, Ibaraki tops the list of having the most number of breweries in the whole of the Kanto region.

Here's How To Enjoy Okonomiyaki At Home & When Dining Out

Be it from Hiroshima or Osaka, Okonomiyaki is one savoury Japanese dish you just have to taste. Here's how to enjoy it when dining out or when cooking at home.

4 Romantic Activities To Do In Tokushima Prefecture

Tokushima Prefecture may not be top of mind but it should, with its wealth of history, culture and natural beauty. If you’re planning a visit there with your special someone, be sure to add these experiences to your travel wish list.

Ms.Lily Bags For Each Milestone In Your Life

From totes to backpacks, we recommend the best Ms.Lily bags for your life’s best moments.

Yosakoi Dance And 4 Other Reasons To Visit Kochi Prefecture

From the Yosakoi Festival to the idyllic beachfront, here are five reasons why you should visit Kochi.