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A New City Ropeway... And 4 Other Quirky Reasons To Visit Yokohama

Kanagawa’s capital city offers a fun-filled visit for the young and old. Here are five quirky reasons why you should visit Yokohama.

4 Reasons To Visit Japan's New UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Experience Japan's rugged beauty by visiting its newly declared World Heritage Sites: Amami Oshima, Tokunoshima, Iriomote and Yanbaru region.

What Is Jirai Makeup? Japan’s Landmine Girl Trend Popularised By Tsubasa Masukawa

Jirai makeup (or the 'landmine girl' look) is made popular in 2020 by model Tsubasa Masuwaka. But what is this new beauty trend and what makes it special?

Japanese Fashion Trends From Tokyo You Can Wear In The Tropics

Here are our style picks from Buyee that will let you wear Japanese fashion trends from Tokyo in the tropics.

Eco-Friendly Products From The OMOTENASHI Selection

These products from the Omotenashi Selection are perfect for every eco-friendly warrior's home.

5 Japanese Streetwear Brands To Check Out Right Now

Thinking of building or adding a touch of J-streetwear culture to your wardrobe? Here are 5 Japanese streetwear brands to check out right now.

Konjac Noodles: Zero Guilt For A Healthier You

Shirataki noodles or konjac noodles are naturally made from the edible corm of the Konjac plant, a type of yam that is native to China and East Asia.

What Is Kogal Fashion, Gyaru's More Subtle Style Subculture?

Kogal fashion is a type of gyaru style that revolves around a more youthful, student-like aesthetic. But what exactly is it? We explore the key elements of this style here.

How To Style Your Dining Table Using Gorgeous Kutani Tableware

Let’s head over to the beautiful world of Japanese tableware and get inspired by some styling ideas for your dining table.

A Guide To Japan’s Northern Alps

Before the summer season ends, let’s get hiking and create wonderful memories spent in Japan’s Northern Alps!

5 Best Japanese Men's Skincare Products To Try

Check out these Japanese men’s skincare products that are formulated to address common skin concerns for men such as hyperpigmentation and dry skin.

merippa Reversible Room Slipper Picks And Where To Get Them

Upgrade your home wardrobe with these soft merippa room slippers from Japan. These handknitted pairs are made with washable and durable materials designed for maximum comfort and style.

5 Luxury Japanese Beauty Brands Worth Investing In

Love J-beauty but are always lurking in the drugstore selection? Let us introduce you to more luxury Japanese beauty brands here.

5 Uses Of The Furoshiki That Will Vibe Right With Eco Warriors

Long before sustainability rocked mainstream consumer trends, Furoshiki (風呂敷) wrapping cloths were already environmentally friendly.

GYOSHO FUKUI Crafts Made In Sabae City

Discover these GYOSHO FUKUI picks made in Sabae City, known for its bustling glass manufacturing industry.

'Rurouni Kenshin’ Sequence: Best Way To Watch The Film Series

The Rurouni Kenshin films are similar to the Star Wars movies whose film order can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, each one providing a different viewing experience. Here are three sequences to best enjoy the films.

GYOSHO FUKUI Finds That Elevate Everyday Life

These GYOSHO FUKUI handcrafted items will liven up and fill your life with joy and ease.

5 Must-Visit Temples In Japan You Need To Have On Your Goshuincho

Embark on a spiritual journey by visiting these beautiful temples in Japan that you need to have on your goshuincho.