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A Day Trip To Sakurajima In Kagoshima Prefecture: What To See, Eat, Do & More

Ask any local in Kagoshima what the prefecture’s symbol is and you’ll get the same unanimous answer: Sakurajima.

Fanatic About Fugu: Here's How To Enjoy This Prized Japanese Delicacy

While fugu, or pufferfish, is considered a prized delicacy in Japan today, it wasn’t too long ago when it had a bad reputation for being poisonous. We give you ways on the best ways to eat and enjoy pufferfish.

Where To Find The Best Tsukemen In Tokyo

We round up the best tsukemen stores in Tokyo so you can get your fill of the delicious noodle dish next time you're in the area.

5 Reasons Why Netflix’s ‘Asakusa Kid’ Is Your Holiday Must-Watch

Takeshi’s story of camaraderie, determination, hard work, and success is the main theme of Netflix’s latest Japanese film, Asakusa Kid. We give you five reasons why you should watch it today.

Best Places To Enjoy Winter Activities In Japan

If you’re planning to visit Japan in wintertime, here are some top activities to enjoy the best of the season.

Kanna Hashimoto Best Instagram Beauty Moments That Prove She’s A ‘Visual’ Icon

Meet Kanna Hashimoto, a.k.a. Japan’s ‘once in a thousand years’ idol. Check out these Instagram beauty moments that prove why she’s a ‘visual’ icon.

What Is Shoyu? There Is More Than Meets The Eye When It Comes To This Condiment

Savoury and packed with umami notes, shoyu is a well-loved condiment that has the ability to elevate flavours and make a dish come alive.

HIROSHI SENJU MUSEUM KARUIZAWA Offers A Well-Rounded, Meditative Experience

Nihonga artist Hiroshi Senju's waterfall paintings bring a sense of tranquility and peace to its viewers — we send a writer there to find out.

Designer Maiko Kurogouchi On UNIQLO X Mame Kurogouchi Collab

We interviewed designer Maiko Kurogouchi about her latest collaboration with UNIQLO. Read and know more about the Autumn/Winter 2021 collection.

Fermented Skincare In Japan: Everything You Need To Know

Fermented skincare is a storied category in the beauty industry, with roots in Asia starting 200 years ago. But is it really as good and effective as it seems?

Top 5 Hairstyles From Japanese Singer LiSA We Just Can’t Get Enough Of

J-pop fans know Japanese singer LiSA (real name, Risa Oribe) from her countless contributions to the anime music scene. But beyond her music career, LiSA is also known for her constant hair transformations. Our favourite hairstyles from her here.

Look Forward To Visiting These Exciting New Hotels in Japan

As we wait (im)patiently to visit Japan once again, here are four new hotels to put on your travel wish list to take note of in 2021 and 2022.

Japanese Collagen: Benefits, Is It Better Than Other Collagen, & Products To Buy

Japanese collagen is a beauty supplement that’s been around for a long time. But what exactly sets it apart from other beauty supplements and what are its best benefits? We dissect the magic of Japanese collagen below.

Nolo Bars In Tokyo To Check Out

Here are a few creative nolo (no to low alcohol) bars to check out the next time you’re in Tokyo.

Japanese Music Acts To Listen To In 2021

Ready for more music to add to your playlist? Scroll on for a selection of artists making waves in the Japanese music industry this year.

A Fine Art: The ORI-EN Collection By Artisan

Form and function come together in one beautiful medley in Artisan metalware.

Parfait In A Can Craze In Japan — Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

This Shibuya restaurant created parfait in a can craze in Japan that sold out after it blew up on social media. We sent a writer there for a taste test.

Mountain Magic with Koukin Fuji

Koukin Fuji is a range of homeware products inspired by Japan’s most famous mountain, Mt. Fuji.