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5 Must-Visit Temples In Japan You Need To Have On Your Goshuincho

Embark on a spiritual journey by visiting these beautiful temples in Japan that you need to have on your goshuincho.

Japanese Skincare Routine: A Step-By-Step Guide

The Japanese skincare routine is big on hydration. Each step involves products with ingredients that aim to nourish and moisturise.

The Secret to A Perfect ‘Odekake’

Heading out? Bring these Fukui crafts with you for any type of weather.

5 Plus-Size Japanese Fashion Brands You Need To Know About

Read on to find plus-size Japanese fashion brands that should be on your radar.

These Hokuokurashi Kitchenware Picks Will Give Your Home A Japandi Makeover

Ready to give your kitchen a Japandi makeover? Below are our Japandi-inspired kitchenware picks from Buyee to help elevate your next at-home dining experience.

Kanagawa Beaches And Tourist Spots To Visit

Enjoy the sun, sand, and sea in these popular coastal tourist spots in the Kanagawa Prefecture.

How Do Japanese Gals Get Glowing Skin?

Wondering how the Japanese get glowing skin? Find out how you can adapt some of their unique skin-caring habits.

Where To Buy Authentic Imported Japanese Food Online

Missing Japanese food? There’s a way to satisfy your tastebuds while at home. Check out some of the delicious Japanese food items we spotted on Buyee.

Topkapi: Minimalist Bags, Lanyards, Card Cases, and Wallets

Topkapi is dedicated to creating skillfully crafted fashion pieces that will elevate any minimalist through style and functionality. Here are what we currently have our eyes on, all of which are available on Sift & Pick.

How To Make Rice Water For Your Hair

Did you know that rice can also be used for hair care? Keep reading to know more about rice water and how to make your own.

Wagasa CASA: Keeping The Craft Of The Traditional Japanese Umbrella Alive

Here's everything to know about Gifu's traditional umbrellas via Wagasa CASA.

5 Japanese Foods You Should Eat To Achieve Flawless Skin

The traditional Japanese diet is already nutritious and well-balanced, but if you’re looking to improve your complexion, here are the ingredients to stock up on.

5 Sustainable Japanese Fashion Brands To Check Out

If you’re on the hunt for new pieces and want to go the sustainable route, check out these sustainable Japanese fashion brands.

Hiragana Jewellery Make The Perfect Gifts

Designed with Japanese calligraphy done by Saori Kunihiro, each piece from Hiragana Jewellery showcases a Japanese expression that can stand as your personal mantra or as your words of appreciation for your giftee.

Function And Style With Jikatabi Shoes, Japanese Traditional Footwear

Some call them “ninja shoes”. Others refer to them as “split-toe shoes”. These are jikatabi, one of Japan’s traditional footwear. Learn more about how to style them here.

Japanese Film 'We Made A Beautiful Bouquet (HanaKoi)' Movie Review

Kasumi Arimura and Masaki Suda star in this Yuji Sakamoto film about love, life, and everything in between. Here are reasons to watch it.

Omotenashi Selection: 5 Award-Winning Made-In-Japan Products You Need To Know About

This year's Omotenashi Selection winners have been announced with 85 products in total recognised for their outstanding creativity. Check them out here.

Should You Try Kao Sori Or Face Shaving?

Some swear by face shaving, while others are wary about it. So should you try kao sori? Here’s what you need to know before you try it.