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Snow Sauna In Japan: A Unique Experience In The Winter

Want to try out a new winter experience in Japan? Snow Sauna is a unique sauna during the winter where you can get from hot to cold – and hot again – in an instant!

Daruma Dolls: Motivation For Your 2024 Goals

It may be known as a symbol of luck in Japanese culture, but Daruma Dolls are not just lucky charms. They also serve as motivation for you to work on your plans this year! Read on to see how they are an inspiration to persevere and make an effort towards reaching your goals.

Yu Yu Hakusho Live Action Review: Why You Should Watch This Classic

After much anticipation, the Yu Yu Hakusho live-action series is now on Netflix! Read on why you should give it a binge.

Japanese Winter Food: Shabu-Shabu And More

Did you know there are plenty of Japanese dishes you can eat to warm up on a cold day? Here are four of our recommendations!

Winter Cherry Blossoms At Hirosaki Park In Aomori Prefecture

See the Hirosaki Park's Winter "Cherry Blossoms" Light Up in Aomori Prefecture, where 140 pink LED projectors transform the snowy landscape into a winter sakura wonderland!

Celebrate The Festive Season With These Christmas Markets In Japan

From Christmas Advent in Fukuoka Prefecture to the Christmas Market in Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Kanagawa Prefecture, these Christmas markets in Japan will put you in a sparkly festive mood!

3 Best Thriting Locations In Tokyo: Shimokitazawa & More

Find the best affordable and vintage luxury items at these popular thrifting areas in Tokyo!

Here’s Why You Should  Join The 'Spy x Family' Hype Train

If you’re curious about the hype surrounding Spy x Family and if you should join the bandwagon, here are some reasons to get you convinced and where to watch it in Singapore.

Kofu City: A Day Trip From Tokyo To A Hidden Gem

Discover Kofu City with historical sites, wine culture, natural beauty, and relaxing onsens in this hidden gem just 1.5 hours by express train from Tokyo.

Osaka On Bicycle: A Different Way To Explore The City

Osaka is a truly bikeable city in Japan. If getting behind the handlebars sounds like a good idea to discover this fascinating city, it is time to hop on a bicycle! Here are three ways you can be a part of Osaka’s vibrant cycling culture.

Here’s Why You Need To Watch ‘Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Arc’ On Disney+

Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Arc was released on Disney+ this October, fuelling much excitement from fans of the popular series. Here's everything to know about this season, including the plot and how to watch it in Singapore.

Following The Origins Of Nagasaki Champon

One of the most prominent dishes of Nagasaki is champon, a delicacy so popular that you can find champon across Japan. What exactly is the origin of this dish?

3 Theme Parks In Japan To Celebrate Halloween This 2023

If you’re looking for a great place to celebrate this exciting event in Japan, look no further than theme parks that are gearing up to make Halloween extra special. Here are three Japanese theme parks to celebrate Halloween in 2023.

2 Special Ways to Enjoy Autumn Leaves in Japan

There are plenty of beautiful autumn leaves viewing spots across Japan, from national parks and sacred shrines to gorges tucked away in the mountains. Here are two special ways to admire this stunning autumn spectacle.

3 Reasons To Visit The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings In Shinjuku

Here are three reasons to carve some time from your itinerary to visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings in Shinjuku.

Gokayama’s Suganuma Village Is A Hidden Gem Of Tradition And Tranquility

Discover Suganuma Village in Gokayama, a hidden gem with UNESCO heritage gassho zukuri houses, a unique Airbnb stay and year-round appeal.

REVIEW: 3 Reasons To Watch The ‘One Piece’ Live-Action (OPLA) Adaptation On Netflix

Here are three reasons to watch the 'One Piece' live-action adaptation on Netflix.

Sado Island: A Hidden Gem Of Rich Traditional Culture And Breathtaking Nature

There is plenty to explore on Sado Island, but here are five amazing things to do, especially for nature and culture enthusiasts.