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A Closer Look At Some Favourite Japanese Tsukemono

Besides adding a little aesthetic and colour to your meal, these little dishes known as Tsukemono or Japanese pickles, are an integral part of traditional Japanese food culture and are usually served alongside rice and miso soup.

5 Best Spots To Enjoy Autumn Scenery in Japan

This fall season, we highlight some of the best spots in Japan for enjoying the beautiful autumn scenery.

Ayumi Hamasaki To Aya Stella: The Evolution Of The Japanese Gyaru Aesthetic

Easily recognisable through their stereotypical bleached hair, huge falsies, and larger-than-life fashion sense, gyaru has been one of the most prominent faces of Harajuku’s style scene.

Why You Should Experience A Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage

Kumano Kodo, attracting less tourists than the Nakasendo trail, not only offers a more authentic experience of the Japanese countryside but also is one of the world’s only two pilgrimage routes.

The Ultimate Guide To Enjoying Your Ureshino, Saga Travel Experience

From must-see sites, tea, and other things to explore, here are all the things to not miss out on when travelling to Ureshino, Saga.

Japanese Facial Massages That May Transform Your Skin (And Face)

With some calling it as an alternative to plastic surgery, Japanese facial massages have gained traction in the international beauty community. Here are some Japanese facial massages that you should check out.

Chiba Travel Guide: Attractions, Food Spots, Sceneries & More

There's more to Chiba than Disneyland. Here are the attractions, food spots and other sceneries that you shouldn't miss when you visit this prefecture.

Unique Japanese Beauty Routines To Try At Home

While many locales have their own unique beauty practices, the ones from Japan are particularly interesting. Here are some unique Japanese beauty routines to try at home.

Japanese Food-Centric Dramas On Netflix: Why You Should Watch

Here are four reasons why you should check out Japanese food-centric dramas Midnight Diner (深夜食堂) and Samurai Gourmet (野武士のグルメ) on Netflix.

Kenzo Takada Passes On At 81: A Look Back At His Life & Legacy

Kenzo Takada, Japanese designer and former creative director of his namesake brand KENZO, passed away due to coronavirus complications last weekend. He was 81.

Why Tea Lovers Should Visit Shizuoka Japan

Love everything about tea? Here are some reasons why you should head over to Shizuoka, Japan's largest producer of green tea.

Easy Japanese Food Recipes: Whip Up Dishes With Groceries By Umamill Products

Want to try your hand in cooking Japanese dishes at home? Check out these easy Japanese food recipes, made even more delicious by Groceries by Umamill products.

What To Eat In Fukushima Japan

Fukushima is also known as the 'Fruit Kingdom' because of the wide variety of fruits it produces each year. But here are four more delicacies to try when in the area.

Stroll Along The Magnificent Flower Carpets Of Kinchakuda Manjushage Park

The beautiful Manjushage is symbolic of autumn in Japan. And, the best place in Japan to admire these red spider lilies in its full glory is in Kinchakuda Manjushage Park in Saitama Prefecture. Learn more about the place!

Meet 'Japanese Beyonce' Naomi Watanabe: From TV Comedienne To Fashion Icon

'Japanese Beyonce' Naomi Watanabe is undoubtedly one of Japan's biggest fashion and pop-culture icons today. From her history as a comedienne to her inclusive fashion brand Punyus, we talk about her growing influence here.

5 Reasons To Visit Tono In Iwate Prefecture, Japan's

Despite its relatively small size, Tono has more than its fair share of attractions, including folk villages from the 19th century and museums depicting the local folklore.

Tips For Choosing Paint Colours That Will Enliven Your Home

Beat colour fatigue and refresh your outlook by repainting your home. Ahead are some expert tips to help you choose paint colours that will spice up your space.

Fun Facts About Momotaro Jeans, Japan's Famed Denim Brand

Learn fun facts about Japan's famed denim brand from Momotaro Jeans PR Manager Katsuya Kimura. In this interview, he shares the brand's beginnings and the reason for their current success.