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Everything To Know About Ume Blossoms, Japan's First Sign Of Spring

Unbeknownst to many, the Plum Blossoms (or locally known as Ume Blossoms) are the true beckoning of Japan's spring season!

Meiri Shurui: Ibaraki’s Finest Japanese Spirits

Home to more than 40 sake breweries, Ibaraki tops the list of having the most number of breweries in the whole of the Kanto region.

Ms.Lily Bags For Each Milestone In Your Life

From totes to backpacks, we recommend the best Ms.Lily bags for your life’s best moments.

Yosakoi Dance And 4 Other Reasons To Visit Kochi Prefecture

From the Yosakoi Festival to the idyllic beachfront, here are five reasons why you should visit Kochi.

Style Tips From Coco Pink Princess

Some people are just born with a keen fashion sense, like Coco Pink Princess. Here are some outfit ideas and style tips to note from her.

Unique Onsens In Japan You Shouldn't Miss Out On

Looking for a wellness and travel experience you should not miss? Add these unique onsens in Japan to your travel bucketlist.

Why You Should Look For Japanese Wild Rose In Your Skincare

If you're working on achieving clear, smooth skin, you need to look for Japanese wild rose (also known as rosa multiflora) in your skincare.

How To Celebrate Setsubun In 2021

Traditionally, Setsubun is marked by raucous celebrations and ceremonies in temples across the country, but this year looks to be a muted affair. Don’t despair – here are several ways you can still celebrate the occasion.

Miyazaki Prefecture Travel Guide: 5 Fun Activities You Can Do During Your Visit

Rent a mountain close in Nichinan City, run with wild horses at Cape Toi, cross one of the world’s longest suspension footbridge and more. Here's a travel guide for the Miyazaki Prefecture.

Here’s Why Fake Lashes Are So Popular In Japan

Why do the Japanese love fake eyelashes? Here's everything you know about J-beauty's obsession with falsies.