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3 Reasons To Visit The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings In Shinjuku

Here are three reasons to carve some time from your itinerary to visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings in Shinjuku.

REVIEW: 3 Reasons To Watch The ‘One Piece’ Live-Action (OPLA) Adaptation On Netflix

Here are three reasons to watch the 'One Piece' live-action adaptation on Netflix.

Sado Island: A Hidden Gem Of Rich Traditional Culture And Breathtaking Nature

There is plenty to explore on Sado Island, but here are five amazing things to do, especially for nature and culture enthusiasts.

4 Japanese Comfort Food Recipes You Can Easily Recreate At Home

Craving Japanese comfort foods but don’t want to splurge by eating out? Here are four easy recipes you can try at home.

Exploring The Hidden Treasures Of Kunisaki Peninsula

The Kunisaki Peninsula is located in Oita Prefecture in Kyushu, and consists of ancient temples, picturesque landscapes, and stunning sunsets.

Life Imitating Art: The Beauty Of 'Monet's Pond' In Gifu

Japan is filled with many picturesque sites. But if you’re looking to visit a place that is straight out of a painting, Monet’s Pond in Gifu Prefecture will surely leave you in awe.

Trainspotting Kamakura: Cafes And Restaurants To Watch The Iconic Enoden Train

For those who prefer to leisurely watch the train go by, here are some lovely cafes and restaurants in the Kamakura area where you can rest your feet and spend a couple of enjoyable hours.

Experience Japanese Fine Dining In Singapore At Masa Saito Innovative

Honouring Japanese fine dining, the food at Masa Saito Innovayive is centred on seasonality. Here's everything to know about Chef-owner Masanao Saito's innovative namesake Japanese restaurant at OUE Downtown Gallery.

Explore The Majestic Beauty Of Mount Chokai, A Paradise For Nature Enthusiasts

Japan is a country blessed with an abundance of majestic peaks, and Mount Chokai, located in the Tohoku region, is a hidden gem worthy of attention. Here's a guide on what to do at this location.

Exploring The Origins Of The Instant Noodles

Love instant noodles? Learn more about its history, global appeal, and easy ways to elevate this snack at home.

Embracing The Wild: Bear Conservation at Picchio Wildlife Research Centre

Nestled within the serene Karuizawa region of Japan's Nagano Prefecture, the Picchio Wildlife Research Centre is pioneering a fresh approach to bear conservation that seeks to reshape our relationship with the natural world.

What Makes Japanese Nail Art Unique?

Learn more about Japanese nail art's history, appeal, and different ways it can inspire your next manicure.

3 Beautiful Beach Destinations In Japan To Recharge This Summer

Here are three beautiful beach destinations in Japan to recharge and celebrate the arrival of summer!

Everything To Know About Kokusai-dori Street In Naha, Okinawa

When in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, one stop you shouldn’t miss visiting is Kokusai-dori Street, a 1.6-kilometre street known for sightseeing, shopping, dining, and other forms of entertainment.

Learn The Art Of Japanese Kokedama

While bonsai is a popular choice for convenience and compact horticulture, there’s another option to consider: kokedama, the Japanese art of growing plants in ball-shaped moss-covered soil.

Hungry for Ekiben: Japanese Train Bento Boxes

Here's everything you need to know about ekiben, the Japanese train bento boxes.

An Overnight Itinerary To Experience The Best Of Northern Kyoto

Get away from the main Kyoto sights and into the quiet, beautiful surroundings up north. Check out this overnight itinerary to experience the best of Northern Kyoto.

Asa Ramen: What is The Breakfast Ramen?

In several Japanese prefectures, a popular breakfast choice is the asa-raa or asa ramen (English translation: morning ramen). Here's everything you need to know about it.