Have you ever wondered if there’s a place in Malaysia where you can find a selection of household products and foods made in Japan without breaking your budget? 

Look no further than JONETZ by DON DON DONKI, a chain specialising in Japanese dining cuisine and household goods right here in Malaysia! Part of a series of concept stores by Japanese brand Don Quijote, the first JONETZ by DON DON DONKI store in Malaysia was opened in March 2021 at Lot 10 Bukit Bintang.

A must-visit for Japanese food aficionados and beyond

The chain now boasts four stores, with outlets open in Sunway Pyramid, IOI City Mall and most recently, Mid Valley Megamall, featuring an array of fresh foods and other daily necessities made in Japan and produced for the Japanese market in mind – all offered at reasonable prices. The chain carries over 3,000 items including foods, household items, kitchen goods, beauty and healthcare products, electrical appliances, interior goods, bedding and more, making it a one-stop destination for all your Japan needs.

don don donki malaysia

JONETZ by DON DON DONKI’s array of fresh sushi products imported directly from Japan. (Photo from: DON DON DONKI)

Among the chain’s flagship products is its produce section, which offers DONKI’s all-time bestseller, yakiimo, or baked Sweet Potato. Soft and fluffy on the inside, the sweet potatoes are imported directly from Japan, and boast a honey-like sweetness that keeps fans coming back for more. Visitors to the produce section will also be hard-pressed to ignore DONKI’s Meat Department, which sells yet another popular product that Malaysians love, with 1,000,000 pieces sold so far – DONKI’s A5 wagyu skewers, guaranteed to melt in your mouth.

Other highlights include JONETZ Cold Brew Green Teabags, which come in boxes of 50 pieces each, DJN Potato Chips (the Sour Cream flavour is a favourite of Malaysians so far), JONETZ Konjac Jelly Apple & Grape, and the ever-popular topping, JONETZ Tuna Flakes.

Those particular about halal status don’t have to worry either, as JONETZ by DON DON DONKI outlets in Malaysia are equipped with a well-stocked halal section, which features various goods and foods that have been certified halal by the Japanese Halal Foundation. Now you can fulfill those Cup Noodle cravings with full confidence that DONKI has your interests in mind.

dondondonki everyday goods

Everyday goods are also available at DON DON DONKI. (Photo by: DON DON DONKI)

Household goods and more designed with a unique philosophy

The chain also carries an array of useful day-to-day products and gadgets, which go through a unique process in achieving the final form seen in JONETZ by DON DON DONKI stores, thanks to the brand’s pivot in philosophy from  "the company's own private brand" into "the people's brand created together with customers".

In 2021, JONETZ by DON DON DONKI introduced a revolutionary idea in their product creation pipeline by making the process more democratic with the “Do-Over Palace: Passionately Pursuing Improvement” feedback website. Customers are encouraged to submit “do-over” requests, which are seriously considered by the development team, and implemented in the development or improvement of products to enhance the customer experience.

Meet Donpen, the blue penguin

donpen malaysia

Don Quijote’s adorable mascot Donpen gets his own merchandise corner. (Photo by: DON DON DONKI)

Visitors to the Mid Valley Megamall outlet can also visit the Donpen Corner, which features merchandise of Donpen, the penguin mascot of parent brand Don Quijote. First introduced in 1998, the midnight-blue mascot sports a “nightcap” in the form of a Santa hat, which can be seen across the array of Donpen merchandise available at the corner.

Choice sushi held to the highest standards

sen sen sushi

Sen Sen Sushi specially selects their seafood for freshness and quality. (Photo by: DON DON DONKI)

DON DON DONKI isn’t just the JONETZ brand of stores, however – those looking to sink their teeth into authentic Japanese cuisine can head to Sen Sen Sushi in Sunway Pyramid. First opened in 2022, the restaurant offers high-quality sushi dishes carefully selected by Japanese seafood specialists across the world, including choice Pacific Bluefin Tuna from the Adriatic Coast of Croatia. The tuna are grown for three years before being sold on the market and is cut on the same day it arrives at Sen Sen Sushi following extensive documentation including mercury checks.

Sen Sen Sushi also offers sea urchins exported directly from Japan, with quality checks conducted in Thailand by Japanese experts before the seafood is delivered, and Norwegian salmon, which is freshly cut the day it arrives at the restaurant. The menu also boasts a wide variety of nigiri, including A5 wagyu meat sushi. Adding to the authentic flavour offered by Sen Sen Sushi is the vinegar used in their rice, which is made from Junmai Daiginjo; two types of red vinegar, and special sushi red vinegar made from Rishiri kelp from Hokkaido alongside soup stock from Katsuobushi from Kagoshima prefecture.

The restaurant also includes a kiosk by premium Japanese rice specialist store Tomita Seimai, which offers Akita Komachi and Yamagata Haenuki rice, freshly milled in-store, and Japanese onigiri made with Koshihikari rice from Niigata Prefecture.

Coming to a mall near you

JONETZ by DON DON DONKI is set for yet another expansion in Malaysia this year – a new outlet will be opened in the trendy uptown location of Nu Sentral Mall, located directly outside the transport hub KL Sentral. The new outlet will be launched in the second half of the year, though no further details are available at the time of writing.

Be sure to follow JONETZ by DON DON DONKI for more updates on the Nu Sentral outlet here.