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About CoolJP

Follow the footprints and narratives of modern travellers and see Japan in a new, contemporary light. Get off the beaten track and explore the heritage, modernity and ingenuity of Japan through unique experiences that bring a different dimension to the multi-faceted land of the rising sun. Discover new perspectives on Japanese trends through easy-to-master tips and news without missing a stylish step.

About Shoppin’guu

Shoppin'guu, a part of the CoolJP ecosystem, entrails you with purposeful, fun and shoppable content that enables you to experience Japan from the comfort of your home. Discover and shop carefully curated products and merchandise, from the traditional to the contemporary, that embody the diversity of its 47 prefecture – from the artisanal gold-foil crafts of Ishikawa Prefecture to delicate Gyokuro tea from Shizuoka Prefecture, the largest producer of green tea in the country, to trending pop-culture like anime.