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Special Feature

Spice up the festivities with these drinks and treats featuring the best Japan has to offer!

Get ready to clink glasses — whether virtually or in-person — and say cheers to the holidays with the best drinking sake, exciting flavours of umeshu, and other complementary eats by checking out the video.

Editor's Pick

A selection of exquisite Japanese products with intriguing stories behind them.

SGD 140.15

Oak Wooden Four Leaf Clover Wall Clock

SGD 140.15Lifestyle, Home

SGD 25.25

Oo | Tenugui Neckwear - Yellow × Gray

SGD 25.25Lifestyle, Kitchen

SGD 76.45

eni Plate 230 & 140 with a box

SGD 76.45Lifestyle, Kitchen

SGD 35.05

Japan Blue Denim Mask Setto Japan Limited Edition

SGD 35.05Lifestyle, Kitchen

SGD 55.95

Card Case Pop - Sky Blue

SGD 55.95Lifestyle, Kitchen

SGD 15.00

Ice Popsicle Silicone Mould – Lion & Rabbit

SGD 15.00Lifestyle, Kitchen

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