One of the highlights of GYOSHO FUKUI is undoubtedly the surprising selection from Sabae City. Nestled in the centre of Fukui Prefecture, the city dazzles with its distinguished reputation as “The City of Glass”. One of the world’s leading glasses manufacturing regions, Sabae City has some of the best craftsmen when it comes to creating eyeglasses. Creative craftsmanship coupled with imagination has resulted in a few new uses of eyeglasses. The city's high regard for sustainability also ensures that the material left behind from producing some of the world’s best eyeglasses is never wasted. Here are some brilliant examples.

Assortment of Japanese eyeglasses
If your frames are made in Japan, it’s probably from Sabae City.  In fact, it produces 90% of all spectacle frames in the country. Photo from: Fukui Prefectural Tourism Federation

Inui Lens’ DropLoupe

It’s easy to take your vision for granted, until reading becomes a chore. Here’s an elegant pendant loupe to the rescue. As pretty as it is functional, this sophisticated accessory is also a reading glass which produces double magnification.

Inui Lens’ DropLoupe when reading
Photo from: Inui Lens

Sabae City-based Inui Lens is a specialised sunglasses lens manufacturer with over 60 years’ of experience. Its famously strict in-house standards and high quality is well known by global brands. Living up to its mantra, “no matter your age, you’re cool!”, Inui Lens came up with a chic solution that packs a pretty punch. For those who would rather not use reading glasses, this is perfect.

DropLoupe Magnifying Glass product shot
From Inui Lens
DropLoupe Magnifying Glass

SGD 91.90

Kisso's Nail Clippers

Created from the same material used for eyeglasses, the processed resin derived from cotton combines beauty and comfort. Vivid colours are created by laminating multiple layers of cellulose acetate and each piece is carved by hand, making each one exclusive and original. We spend so much time on our nails and never give the tool a second thought. Now you can own a nail clipper from Kisso that’s as beautiful as your manicured nails.

Japanese nail clippers from Kisso
From Kisso
Kisso Sabae Nail Clipper

SGD 61.30

Kisso’s Earpick

Behold, possibly the most beautiful earpick ever made. The cellulose acetate used for spectacle frames has been repurposed to produce these whimsical earpicks. At the tip is coloured titanium for extreme precision and durability. The metal is also hypoallergenic and resistant to rust. There are 10 colours to choose from. Take your pick!

Kisso’s Earpick GIF
From Kisso
Kisso Sabae Earpick

SGD 59.70

Ear Cuffs

Assortment of Tsugi ear cuffs
Photo from: TSUGI 

Ear cuffs are the new earrings in the pandemic. Tsugi’s accessory brand, Sur, breathes new life into the remnants of the eyeglass frame factory into these colourful hoops that are bound to amp up your accessory game. The c-shaped accessories won’t get tangled with your mask and, best of all, they are super light. Created from the same materials used in eyeglasses, these are gentle even on the most sensitive skin. Weighing practically nothing, you will barely notice it. Not for long though. Compliments are bound to come ringing!

Coloured Tsugi Ear Cuffs
SUR Ear Cuff (L)

SGD 51.40

Between 26 July to 22 August a gyosho (Japanese for ‘travelling to do business’) is happening in Singapore in Tokyu Hands. GYOSHO FUKUI will introduce traditional Fukui crafts reimagined in many modern products that are both functional and environmentally sustainable. Get your hands on these gems from Sabae City!