Japan is a food lover’s dream. From Hokkaido’s ramen selections to Okinawa’s famed tempura, each prefecture has delicious local dishes that will entice you to come back again and again. But with the travel restrictions currently in place, it’s not so easy to travel abroad. Already missing Japanese flavours? There’s a way to satisfy your taste buds while at home.

Enter Buyee, an online proxy shopping service in Japan that offers a hassle-free and safe way to purchase authentic imported Japanese goods straight from the Land of the Rising Sun. How does an online proxy shopping service work, you ask? Well, it makes ordering online less complicated. Have you wanted to buy a certain product from Japan but was disappointed to find out that they don’t offer international shipping? In cases like that, Buyee steps in as a proxy. The brand will buy the product for you and ship it to its domestic address in Japan. Then, Buyee sends the package to your shipping address.

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With Buyee’s reliable service, you can easily buy rare and exclusive Japanese products that may not be available in your country — like special edition gaming consoles, skincare gadgets and of course, specialty Japanese food. Here’s how it works.

How to shop imported Japanese products from Buyee

Step 1: Registration

On the upper right corner, click the register button to make an account. An email will be sent to the email address you provided. Open the email and click on the URL attached in the email. Note that the validity of the link is only up to 24 hours. Once you’ve opened the link provided, create a password and enter your location. After reading the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, click the “Agree and Continue” button.

Step 2: Start shopping

Now you’re ready to start shopping. On the homepage, you’ll see different partner websites. Click on any to browse for products you’re looking for. For example, you can check out one-of-a-kind food items like rare KitKat flavours on Yahoo! Japan Shopping. If you see something you like, simply add it to your cart and request for a proxy purchase and Buyee will place an order for you. Click here to know more about how to make a purchase.

There’s also a bidding option. To start bidding, click the “Yahoo! JAPAN Auction” tab and then search for unique products, collectables or pre-loved items that you want to bid on. But before you place a bid, read the guidelines first.

Step 3: Purchasing and shipping

After you make a purchase or if you win an auction, the items will be sent to Buyee and they will pack it and send it to you. Another perk of using Buyee is that you can buy from multiple Japanese websites and they will consolidate your items so you can receive them all at once. Note that the shipping charges are separate from the product cost and can vary depending on the shipping method chosen. That’s it! Super easy and convenient, right?

Ready to try it? Check out (and checkout!) a few of the delicious Japanese food items we’ve been missing — and we’re sure you’ve been craving for too.

(Product Photos from: shop.buyee.jp)
Hokkaido Curry Set (4pcs.)

Even if you try mimicking Japanese curry dishes with local ingredients, they still doesn’t compare to the authentic one from Japan. Satisfy your cravings with this curry set from Hokkaido, featuring two variants: savoury Hokkaido beef curry and rich cream cheese curry. Warning: Both are extremely delicious and will leave you wanting more.


(Product Photos from: shop.buyee.jp)
Miso Nikomi Udon from Nagoya (4 pcs.)

Your feet may not be able to travel to Nagoya but your tastebuds sure can with these miso-nikomi udon noodles from the famous Yamamotoya Sohonke restaurant which has been serving delicious dishes since 1918. This set includes two types of udon noodles. One is the Classic Miso Stewed Udon and the other is the Miso Stewed Kishimen, which has a smoother and chewier texture. Enjoy a rich and flavourful miso soup made by combining Hatcho Miso (from Okazaki) and White Miso (from Nagoya).


(Product Photos from: shop.buyee.jp)
Specialty Ramen Collection (10 pcs.)

It’s good to have a stock of comforting ramen in your pantry. If you’re feeling down, just whip out one of these delicious ramen packets. This ramen collection features an assortment of flavours inspired by local specialties from various places in Japan. There’s Hokkaido Soy Sauce, Hokkaido Miso, Hokkaido Salt, Aomori Seafood Pork Bone Soy Sauce, Akita Soy Sauce, Miyagi Spicy Miso, Ishikawa Soy Sauce, Aichi Soy Sauce, Hiroshima Soy Sauce, and Kagoshima Tonkotsu. A true gastronomic adventure!


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