Travelling and going to the spa have one thing in common: they’re a great escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, since our outdoor movements are currently limited — and our homes have also become our workspace — finding the right time to rejuvenate has definitely been challenging. But what if there’s a way to travel through your senses through a spa-like experience at home? 

Yes, and you can do so through Buyee, a Japanese proxy service that allows you to shop for J-beauty products (along with other goods from Japan), hassle-free. Buyee has access to a ton of J-beauty stores that carry products usually not available in our region. There are, of course, stores that offer products to help you get the  perfect spa-like experience for your night routine. If you’re new to Buyee, here’s our guide on how it works. 

If you’re ready for your spa night,  here are some J-beauty picks that’ll surely elevate your night routine.

face essence in small tubes in a box
(Product Photos from: Buyee)
Axxzia AG Theory Clarifying Essence

Don’t let the packaging intimidate you! This clarifying essence doesn’t need complicated application. Just use it after cleansing and go about the rest of your routine. Each small tube contains a concentrated mix of botanical glycation care substances, as well as  brightening and moisturising ingredients that pack a punch when it comes to giving your skin an instant pick-me-up.


moisturising cream in tub container
(Product Photos from: Buyee)
Mandahakko M Forte Rich Moist Cream

Want to get skin that looks like you’re just fresh from a facial? Lather on this rich cream from Mandahakko. The jojoba oil and olive fruit oil in the formula immediately transforms the skin’s texture and give the skin a beautiful, luminous glow even during the first application. It also has firming and moisturising properties that ensure the skin improves over time.


body butter in a tube bottle
(Product Photos from: Buyee)
Fernanda Fragrance Body Butter in Kismet Kiss

What’s a spa-like experience without giving the rest of your body a treat too? Aside from leaving the skin smooth and supple to the touch, this body butter also comes with a lingering but not overpowering scent that will relax your senses.


nail and hair oil in a pump bottle
(Product Photos from: Buyee)
Wonder Honey Honey Dew Nail & Hair Oil

This concoction from Wonder Honey is also another must-have for that nice spa-like feel at home. It moisturises like oil but glides on and quickly absorbs like lotion. It also helps deal with dry damage our hands, nails, and hair are prone to. It’s also packed with floral essence like tuberose and jasmine, giving an unparalleled treat to your sense of smell.