Beyond its gleaming skyscrapers and futuristic technology, Japan is still very much a country known for its traditional craftsmanship and meticulous workmanship. This is especially evident in award-winning brands such as Artisan, a metalware brand based in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture. 

Located amidst the coastal plains of central Niigata, Tsubame City has been a production powerhouse for metal processing ever since the Edo Period (1603-1868). Drawing from its long heritage of metal works, Artisan produces an eye-catching selection of stainless steel homeware that would be the pride of place in any household.

This ORI-EN collection of homeware is part of a collaboration with Momentum Factory Orii, a metal plating manufacturer that is known for their timeless technique of colouring metals. Each piece is painstakingly coloured by a skilled craftsman, using a proprietary colouring technique that is similar to what is done on the surfaces of Buddhist statues made of copper. This involves deft handling of heat and chemicals to ensure a harmonious balance of subtle and intense colours. The result? A rich and vividly-hued end-product that highlights the inherent beauty of metal. What’s more, every piece is meticulously coloured by hand so you get a one-of-a-kind piece every time.

Artisan has been honoured by OMOTENASHI Selection, which is a prestigious award that aims to showcase the creativity and ingenuity of Japanese-made products and services.

Here are three must-haves in your home:

Japanese Teapot

Artisan teapot styled photo
This beautiful teapot features a distinctive mottled pattern. (photo from: Artisan)

Whether you are in need of a calming cup of floral tea or are craving for the earthy flavours of Japanese green tea,  this beautiful teapot will check all your boxes. Featuring a unique mottled pattern, this hardy teapot is unlike porcelain or glass and will not crack or break. Best paired with a matching set of tea canisters.

Tea Pot (Blue/Silver) product GIF
From Artisan
Japanese teapot (Blue/Antique Silver)


Double Wall Tokkuri (Sake flask)

Tokkuri (Sake flask) styled photo
Impress your guests with this unique sake flask and matching sake cups. (photo from: Artisan)

This tokkuri sake flask is a study in both form and function. Beyond its classical beauty, the flask  features a “double-wall structure” that suppresses heat conduction between the poured liquor and air. What this means is if you have cold sake, it will remain cold and water droplets will not form on the surface. When you’re enjoying hot sake, your drink will remain at a toasty temperature and not turn cool.

Double-wall Tokkuri 270ml (Blue/Silver) product photo
From Artisan
Double Wall Tokkuri 270ml (Blue/Antique Silver)


Double Wall Sake Cup

Ochoko (Sake cup) lifestyle shot
Enjoy the beauty of ochoko(sake cup), seeing it and holding it. (photo from: Artisan)

As the perfect complement to your sake flask, these sake cups feature the same “double-wall  structure” that helps retain the temperature of your favourite tipple. Get the whole set and wow your guests with these elegant and exquisitely-made drinkware. Kanpai!

Double-wall Ochoko (Blue/Silver) product shot
From Artisan
Double Wall Sake Cup (Blue/Antique Silver)


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