Dating back all the way to the 17th century, Sencha is one of the most popular green teas consumed in Japan. However, in this day of instant gratification, most consumers simply find traditional loose tea brewing too much of a hassle. For most of us, our knowledge of sencha is probably limited to bottled green tea and mass-produced tea bags.

The world of green tea needs saving. Fortunately, Senchado Tokyo took it upon their shoulders to open up a whole new world of green tea appreciation. They introduced single-origin tea through Sencha, following the opening of the world's first hand-drip Green Tea Specialty Store, Tokyosaryo.

Redefining Green Tea Culture With A Teapot

Just like coffee and wine, green tea boasts of completely varying taste profiles depending on its variety, origin and production process. At Senchado Tokyo, you can only find single-origin, high-grade Sencha that is lovingly sourced from dedicated tea farmers throughout Japan. Every tea tells a story of hard work and passion.

But traditional tea brewing takes some patience and it does not fit the modern need for convenience. Is it possible to integrate the wonderful subtleties of Sencha into our busy everyday lifestyle?

In order to connect consumers with all their fantastic tea, the good people at Senchado Tokyo designed an award-winning one-person teapot where a cup of aromatic tea can easily be brewed in a matter of minutes.

The Toumei Kyusu (透明急須), directly translated to mean transparent teapot, marks the start of an exciting Sencha discovery journey. Say hello to a revolutionary Japanese green tea culture.

Clear teapot TOUMEI KYUSU

JPY 3,441

Sencha As An Everyday Lifestyle

This one-person transparent teapot was specially designed to suit modern lifestyles and intended for everyday use. Made with extra-thick resin using special technology, this amazing teapot does not break even if you drop it. Its glass-like body remains cool to the touch despite its hot contents and it allows the drinker to visually enjoy the brewing process. The compact size also allows it to be easily stacked and stored away.

Functional and aesthetically pleasing, the Toumei Kyusu introduces a new concept of everyday tea appreciation through a simple brewing process. How brilliant!

You can now enjoy drinking tea in the comfort of your home with Senchado Tokyo must-have Tea Starter Set. This basic kit comes with the signature Toumei Kyusu and one premium can of single-origin Sencha, gorgeously packed in a minimalist gift box and wrapped in Japanese furoshiki (wrapping cloth). It would also make a perfect gift for tea lovers and epicureans who appreciate the finer things in life.

Tea Starter Set

JPY 5,128

For those who are seeking a deeper Sencha experience, you have to get Senchado Tokyo’s Tea Pairing Set. Just like in wine pairing, their tea connoisseur will include a gourmet snack that complements the tasting notes of the selected Sencha. This is the ultimate Japanese tea gift for friends and loved ones, and also for indulging oneself.

Tea Pairing Set

JPY 6,218

Sample The Best Sencha Across Japan

Senchado Tokyo usually carries about 50 types of tea, including 10 limited edition ones that are seasonal. If you are new to the complex world of Sencha, the Tea Flight collection is the perfect solution. Containing five individual packets of tea leaves that have been curated by Senchado Tokyo’s expert tea concierge, this Tea Flight takes you on a sense-awakening tea tour of the best single-origin Sencha from all over Japan.

Tea Flights

JPY 2,004

The examples of contents in the Tea Flight include (the contents will be changed):

001 HARUMOEGI: from Kagoshima prefecture
Delightful sweet scent reminiscent of Japanese chestnuts, with wonderfully balanced and rich flavours.
Sweetness: ★★★
Bitterness: ★★
Umami: ★★★

002 KOUSHUN: from Shizuoka Prefecture
A refreshing and elegant Sencha with a pleasant sweetness of cinnamon and a flora, fruity fragrance.
Sweetness: ★★★
Bitterness: ★
Umami: ★★

003 KOISHIZUKU: from Fukuoka Prefecture
Full-bodied with a rich bitterness and pleasant earthy aromas. Bold yet smooth, followed by a mild aftertaste
Sweetness: ★
Bitterness: ★★★
Umami: ★★

004 YABUKITA-YAME: from Fukuoka Prefecture
Strong umami flavours with a floral fragrance and the subtle scent of matcha. A nostalgic and familiar taste.
Sweetness: ★★★ 
Bitterness: ★★
Umami: ★★★

005 OKUMIDORI: from Kagoshima Prefecture
This robust Sencha has a unique smoky roasted aroma, with complex umami tastes and a delicate sweetness.
Sweet: ★★★
Bitterness: ★★
Umami: ★★★

The Proper Way For A Delicious Brew

Achieving that perfect brew is really as easy as 1, 2 and 3. Three brews using the same tea leaves extract three different cups of delicious tea.

The first brew releases the aroma and this is when you can taste the sweetness and umami flavours. Using the ingenious Toumei Kyusu lets you quietly enjoy the unfurling of the tea leaves as the water turns to a beautiful golden hue. For the second brew, steeping the opened tea leaves in hot water extracts its caffeine and catechin. This results in a more robust Sencha with stronger astringent and bitter flavours that reveal its characteristic tea tastes.

Adding Genmai (brown rice) to the third brew transforms the Sencha into an irresistible fragrant Genmai tea. Take your time to inhale all that warm earthy aromas from this third cup and let your worries emanate away.

Nikomaru Genmai (brown rice)

JPY 352

Ready to rediscover the exciting tastes of Sencha and be part of the rising green tea culture? Senchado Tokyo’s single-origin specialty Sencha can now be shipped internationally so that you can infuse the goodness of Sencha into your everyday life too.

(Photo from: Senchado Tokyo)