Love wearing Japanese fashion trends from Tokyo? It's hard to resist the interesting mix of edginess and elegance uniquely found in this look. And even though we may not be able to travel to Japan now, we can still channel the city’s chic casual style. What better way to do it than by shopping for some clothing pieces straight from Japan?

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Ready for your Tokyo style-inspired outfits? Here are our picks that will help you wear Japanese fashion trends from Tokyo in the tropics.

Woman in Coatigan
(Product Photos from: Buyee)
Girly Doll Coatigan

What’s a coatigan, you ask? It’s something between a coat and a cardigan, hence the cheeky term “coatigan”. This unique style takes its lengthy and structured silhouette from a coat but its feel resembles that of a cosy cardigan. It’s one of those Japanese fashion trends from Tokyo that can be easily adopted in the tropics because it’s comfortable and light enough for the warm weather.


Woman in Pink Jacket
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Alley By W Closet Bubblegum Pink Short Jacket

Millennial pink may have retired from the spotlight, but there’s another shade of pink that’s emerging as its replacement: bubblegum pink. This striking colour, seen in Tokyo Fashion Week, will surely add a pop of colour to your ensemble. Not ready to sport this bright hue as your main piece? Wear it through your outerwear instead and pair it with a neutral-coloured outfit to keep it understated.


Woman in Jumper Dress
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Re:EDIT Jumper Dress

Going for a relaxed but polished urban look? Go for the trendy yet timeless jumper dress. You can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. It’s often paired with a long-sleeved shirt in nude shades to complement the neutral colour of the jumper dress. What we love about this piece is its versatility; it can even be styled with more tropic-appropriate clothing like a cotton shirt or a sleeveless top.


Woman in Plaid Dress
(Product Photos from: Buyee)
Edit Sheen Plaid Puffed Sleeve Dress

All-plaid outfits are often spotted on the streets of Tokyo these days. Local fashionistas mix and match plaids with different colourways that result in edgy ensembles. If you want to try this style but prefer to keep it casual, you can go for a one-piece plaid dress. It still looks trendy but at the same time has a timeless quality to it.


Woman in Orange Sweat Pants
(Product Photos from: Buyee)
NON TOKYO Sweat Pants With Slit

We’re moving away from the era of skinny jeans and leaning towards roomy pants silhouettes. In Tokyo, bright-hued wide-legged pants or sweat pants are styled together with a statement baggy top or tucked-in shirt. The key to looking fashionable in this ensemble is to make sure that the colour and pattern styling appears deliberate and well-thought-out, never random.