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We totally love getting to fly off to different destinations. Still, it can be totally heartbreaking if you’re a pet owner and you need to leave your furbaby at home. To fill the lonely void when you travel, why not visit adorable animal cafés around Asia? Animal lover or not, you’ll surely enjoy playing with a number of cute animals. Enjoy a unique and memorable trip by meeting new furry friends at these sites.

Harinezumi Café, Tokyo, Japan

If you’re in Tokyo, you definitely should stop by one of the two branches of Harinezumi Café in Harajuku. Called “HARRY” for short, this place is probably one of the most unique animal cafés in Asia because it houses African Pygmy hedgehogs of different colours. The café only serves drinks and not food, so if you want, you can bring your own snacks and beverages instead. However, HARRY offers food for the cute animals, so you can feed them as much as you like. Get to know their unique personalities better by playing with them. If you’ve bonded with a tiny hedgehog so much, you can even take one home as your pet. 

Thanks Nature Café, Seoul, South Korea

This quaint café in Seoul has one of the most adorable animals you’ll ever find. You’ll be in literal cloud nine once you visit Thanks Nature Café. Aside from having a taste of their soft, white bingsu desserts, you can also meet their two fluffy resident sheep. As if things aren't excitingly cute already, their two docile sheep are accompanied by a Sheltie dog. Unlike most animal cafés, these furry friends stay in their own side of the play pen. But, the good news is, you won’t have to pay an extra fee to interact with these gentle souls. Keep in mind though that you might not be able to see the sheep during summer because of the uncomfortable humid weather.

Barkin’ Blends Café, Cainta, Philippines

Missing your pups at home? If you happen to be travelling around the Philippines, try to drop by Barkin’ Blends Café in Cainta. The place is a heaven for all dog lovers seeking a place to relax for a while. The café cares for 30 resident dogs, but don’t get too excited—you’ll only see a fraction of them at a time. The pups have a shifting sched so they don’t tire out all day long. If you want to enjoy good food after, you can eat your heart out at the dining area of Barkin’ Blends. While most animal cafés serve limited food offerings, you’ll be happy to know that this one has a lot of savoury dishes in store. You should totally try out Big Martha, a tender beef burger named one after one of their dogs. 

Neko no Niwa, Singapore

If you're a cat lady, then this is the place to go. Neko no Niwa, Japanese for “cat garden”, is Singapore’s very first cat café. Here, you can bask in the indescribable joy of hanging out with the shop’s 13 cats. This is one of the most special animal cafés in the region, as it only houses rescued cats. Even if the felines are non-pedigreed, they are all affectionate and lovable. You’d be sure you can have a peaceful and relaxing time in their company. Top the sweet experience with a bite of one of the artisanal desserts the café serves. This month, they're serving a colourful rainbow cake, so be sure to try that out.

Huskiss, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

When Huskiss first opened its doors back in 2017, it was the first out of all the animal cafés in the area to specifically feature Siberian Huskies. Drop by Petaling Jaya if you want to play with the café's six resident huskies, which they endearingly call “Huskids”. Spend around an hour playing with these furry balls of energy while taking a sip of a glass of floating teh tarik. Note that visitors are divided into different timeslots so as to not tire out their doggies. So make sure to reserve a session before heading off to the café!

(Cover photo from: @hedgehogcafe_harajuku)

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