Asian Fireworks Festivals You Must Catch This Year | CoolJapan

Watching a bunch of fireworks light up the sky never fails to make anyone feel festive. There are some theories as to why we love viewing such spectacle. But it’s a universal fact that no matter what we’re celebrating, it isn’t complete without these. If you’ve been wanting to enjoy Asia in a unique way, why don’t you attend one of the many fireworks festivals happening this year? The colourful extravaganza will surely make your trip a blast!

Lake Toya Long-run Fireworks Festival, Japan

Fireworks light up the sky above Lake Toya in Hokkaido, Japan

The Lake Toya Long-run Fireworks Festival are just one of the many fireworks festivals held in Japan.

Believed to ward off evil spirits, the use of fireworks in celebrations has a long history in Japan. Pyrotechnic displays are a quintessential part of their summers, that’s why you might encounter a lot of them when you visit the country during that season. These fireworks festivals are abound throughout Japan, but if you’re planning on visiting Hokkaido soon, hopping off to Lake Toya is a must. Every night until 31 October, fireworks soar up the sky and can be seen anywhere from Lake Toya hot spring town. If you want, switch up your experience and follow the Japanese tradition of wearing yukatas while viewing these summer spectacles.

DaNang International Fireworks Festival, Vietnam

Witness the most eye-catching shows this year at DaNang International Fireworks Festival. Currently being held on five different Saturdays from 1 June to 6 July, the pyrotechnic competition is where you can witness the world-class performances of eight international teams. Catch all the spectacular action along Da Nang’s Han River and enjoy the city-wide cultural performances accompanying the festival in the coming weeks.

National Day Parade, Singapore

Although not strictly a fireworks festival, celebrating Singapore’s birthday isn’t complete without the breath-taking display that usually happens at the end of the National Day Parade. Even if you’re not a local, you’re free to join in the fun and learn the story of their heritage. This 9 August, sit back and enjoy the military parades, musical performances, and the brightest spectacle of fireworks at the Padang. 

Shanghai International Music Fireworks Festival, China

There’s no better place to enjoy fireworks festivals than their place of origin, China. First launched in 2000, the annual pyrotechnic event combines the lights, colours, and music to create a new visual art form enjoyed by all. Each year, they feature groups from around the world that take part in a fireworks display competition. The event, accompanied by food and performances, is spread into four nights on 30 September, 3 October, and 6 October. Don’t miss the sparkling extravaganza, along with the accompanying food and performances happening in Shanghai Century Park.

Busan Fireworks Festival, South Korea

Lastly, if you want to experience a one-of-a-kind multimedia show, fly off to the city of Busan. Drawing almost one million people each year, Busan Fireworks Festival is one of the most popular fireworks festivals in Korea. Your spirits will be lifted up once you see the colours burst in the sky in harmony with different songs. Aside from the fantastic display, you can experience the one-of-a-kind multimedia show with their high-tech laser performances. The show will happen right above Gwangalli Beach on 2 November, but you can enjoy a good view of the whole event in various spots across the coastal city. 

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