Now that we're spending time indoors more often, putting a line between work and rest can be quite challenging. That's why editing our living spaces according to our altered lifestyles is necessary. Aside from separating spaces for work and rest, taking extra steps for relaxation is a must. Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils is great for this. It aims to stimulate the senses to help improve one's mind, body, and emotional health. It's perfect for celebrating 'me time' after a long day at work. 

Don't know where to get these aromatic oils? That's where @aroma comes in. The brand has been providing quality natural aromas to public spaces, commercial establishments, and hotels since its foundation in 1998 in Tokyo, Japan. Now, it's ready to liven up your homes too with its wide range of natural essential oils fit for your every need and preference. 

Check out our @aroma faves exclusive at Sift & Pick below. 

For an effective energiser: B10 Bergamot Mandarin Essential Oil 

Like a pick-me-up in a bottle, this citrusy scent (infused with bergamot, orange, and mandarin) is perfect to perk up spaces with an extra dash of energy. Our recommendation? Place it on your work desk to help stimulate creativity and productivity, as well as alleviate stress during hectic work days.
@aroma B10 Bergamot Mandarin Essential Oil
B10 Bergamot Essential Oil

SGD 35.00

For ultimate relaxation: DO3 Ocean Cruise essential oil

Missing relaxing getaways to the beach? Recreate the soothing feeling of being near the waves and taking leisurely strolls near the ocean with this aptly named essential oil. Infused with refreshing aromas from peppermint, spearmint, grapefruit, kabosu (Japanese term for citrus sphaerocarpa), pine and more, this scent will certainly bring you back to memories of rejuvenating vacations. We highly recommend placing this in your down-time areas such as your bathroom or bedroom.

@aroman DO3 Ocean Cruise essential oil
DO3 Ocean Cruise Essential Oil

SGD 35.00

For a feel-good vibe: JB07 Satsuma Hosho essential oil

Looking for something that will amp up the mood in your home's common spaces? This essential oil infused with Japanese citrus fruit Satsuma Hosho should be your top choice. Its delicate sweet and woody aroma gives off a wistful image of quiet walks in the park where rustling Hosho tree leaves sound like music to the ears. Aside from boasting a great fragrance, Satsuma Hosho also has anti-bacterial properties. 

@aroma JB07 Satsuma Hosho essential oil
JB07 Satsuma Hosho Essential Oil

SGD 45.00

Excited to give every area of your home a new vibe? Check out @aroma via Sift & Pick for more natural aroma options to suit your mood, need, and lifestyle. 

(Product photos from Sift & Pick)