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Always on the hunt for the best cica products? You may just find it in Japan’s beauty market. While cica skincare products are a mainstay in K-beauty, they’re also in J-beauty. These items offer superb features, in addition to caring for sensitive skin, that you’ll surely love — from efficient colour-correcting to strong SPF. Discover these picks below!

Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel UV Cica Mint SPF 50+ / PA++++

Cica Sunscreen In Green Bottle

A new variant of Canmake’s famous Mermaid Skin Gel UV. (Photo from:

Don’t dismiss this product as just another skincare in cute packaging. The Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel UV Cica Mint doesn’t just look good on your vanity table, it’s a multitasking maven that can serve as a sunscreen, lightweight moisturiser, makeup base and colour-correcting gel. Its mint green pigments work to camouflage any redness while cica extract soothes and protects the skin against potential irritants. Bonus: it features a refreshing herbal fragrance!

Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel UV Cica Mint is available on Alpha Beauty’s website for USD12.95/~SGD17.59 per 40G.

Today's Cosme Cica Care Zero Spot Cica Cream

Today's Cosme Cica Care Zero Spot Cica Cream beside butterfly clip and plant

A cica spot cream perfect for acne-prone skin. (Photo from:

If you experience acne flare-ups from time to time, Today's Cosme Cica Care Zero Spot Cica Cream may help soothe them. It’s a potent spot moisturiser that’s specifically made for those who have sensitive and pimple-prone skin. Aside from cica extract, the cream also features anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients such as dipotassium glycyrrhizate which helps with wound healing.

Today's Cosme Cica Care Zero Spot Cica Cream is available on YesStyle’s website for SGD24.82 per 30G.

Cicavery Cover and Treatment CC

Cica Skincare In Green and White Packaging

A CC cream packed with skincare ingredients. (Photo from:

Want a cica product that offers coverage? Try the Cicavery Cover and Treatment CC. This skincare slash makeup hybrid is great for those with dry skin. It boasts a rich and creamy texture with a mint tint that transforms into beige upon application. Once in contact with your skin, it promptly delivers hydration, colour correction and coverage. This CC cream also offers a myriad of skincare benefits and is packed with ceramides, two types of hyaluronic acid, collagen, tea tree oil and vitamin C.

Cicavery Cover and Treatment CC is available on Kirei Station’s website for USD21.15/~SGD28.76 per 30G.

COGIT Cica Method Mist

Cica skincare in green packaging

Get refreshed with this soothing and moisturising cica mist. (Photo from:

Always on the go? Count on the COGIT Cica Method Mist to refresh your skin while you’re out and about. One spritz produces fine particles that effectively deliver moisture and help you achieve that glowing look all without smudging your makeup. In addition to cica, its key ingredients include a concoction of hydrating plant-derived oils including ​​orange oil, coriander fruit oil, sage oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, lavender oil, rosemary leaf oil, and chamomile flower oil.

COGIT Cica Method Mist is available on Goods of Japan’s website for USD24/~SGD32.63 per 100ML.

OMI Verdio UV Moisture Gel N SPF 50+ PA++++

Cica moisture gel skincare in green packaging

Japan’s popular gel sunscreen gets an update in 2022. (Photo from:

Those who are searching for a lightweight gel sunscreen that won’t dry or irritate the skin will love the latest version of the hypoallergenic OMI Verdio UV Moisture Gel N SPF 50+ PA++++. This 2022 iteration has the same airy consistency the original has — which is loved by many — but it’s now boosted with cica’s soothing prowess and edelweiss extract’s ability to make the skin extra resilient against environmental stressors.

OMI Verdio UV Moisture Gel N SPF 50+ PA++++ is available on YesStyle’s website for SGD50.32 per 220G.

Which one are you eyeing to take home?

(Cover photo from: Rachel Cheng via Unsplash)