5 Best Japanese Bar Soaps That Look, Smell, And Feel Amazing | CoolJapan

In Japan, bar soaps are still typically used for face and body care instead of liquid body washes. Most of these soaps’ key features are the use of unique Japanese ingredients, including oils, fruits, and fermented elements. Many are also still traditionally made, with formulas and soap-making techniques passed down from generation to generation.

But with many options to choose from, you may be wondering: which Japanese bar soaps deserve a place in your routine? Check out our list below.

Cow Soap

Don’t be alarmed — this bar soap is not made from actual cows. Instead, it’s named after the Cow company’s philosophy of running the business “slow but steady,” similar to the farm animal. This ensures that every product it releases is of the highest quality. The company’s signature product, the Cow Soap in Akabako (literally translated to ‘red box’), was first introduced in the 1930s.

From then to the present, this soap’s formula remains unchanged and it’s still made traditionally by soap artisans. It contains squalene, which gives it its smooth lather and moisturising benefits that are great for both face and body use. Get a pack of 3 containing 100g per bar here for only SGD3.59.

Mutenka Sekken

Made in Hyogo, Japan, this range of additive-free bar soaps are made from all-natural botanical ingredients that are great not just for face care and body care but also for aromatherapeutic purposes. Take your pick from energising yuzu, soothing lavender, deep cleansing charcoal, and more. All soaps also contain jojoba oil and squalene that help keep your skin looking and feeling soft and hydrated. Check it out here for EUR15/~SGD22.50 per 90g.

Pelican Soap Koisuru Oshiri (Lovely Bottom) Peach Hip Care Soap

Yes, this Japanese bar soap is made specifically for smoother-looking buttocks. But no one’s to stop you from using it on your face and other parts of your body that need a little help to improve dull skin and dark spots.

It contains peach leaf and seed extract, kiwi extract, and aloe vera that help keep skin moisturised, as well as peach scrub powder, konjac, and fermented rose honey to deeply but gently exfoliate your skin. This combination helps shed dead skin cells, revealing brighter-looking skin underneath. P.S. That peach shape? Adorable! Get it here for JPY964/~SGD11.13 per 80g.

Miyoshi Pine-Ame Soap

This bar soap is a special collaboration between bodycare company Miyoshi and popular candy brand Pine-Ame. The soap is definitely as juicy as it looks and delivers a sweet-smelling lather that will give you a refreshing feel. It’s made from plant-based ingredients that ensure a squeaky clean experience without leaving your skin feeling tight and dry. Just make sure you don’t bite into it since it looks like a juicy pineapple chunk up close! Get it here for JPY888/~SGD 10.25 per 175g.

DHC Mild Facial Soap

DHC is known for many skincare products and for good reason. The brand’s Mild Facial Soap, for one, is enriched with honey and olive oil for a gentle but powerful skin repair, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory formula. It also helps fight signs of ageing and is great for removing makeup residue. Talk about making sure your skin is in top shape before you proceed with the rest of your skincare routine. Get it here for SGD17.73 per 85g.

Looking for more beauty bar soaps to add to your routine? We’ve got more picks for you to choose from here.