Thrifting items like clothes and shoes have become more common these days as people have been trying to find more wallet-friendly alternatives to mall-priced items. Plus, aside from the monetary savings, thrifting is also a sustainable way to extend the life cycle of clothing and lessen the amount of waste going into landfills.

And whenever you thrift, there's also the thrill of uncovering gems within the countless clothes racks and full shelves. So, in case you find yourself in Tokyo anytime soon and are in need of some thrifting action, here are some spots that have the best thrifting finds.

1. Harajuku

Harajuku is located in central Tokyo, easily accessed via the JR Yamanote loop line between Shibuya and Shinjuku. It is not only known for its colourful, creative and vibrant fashion, but also for its thrifting stores. Score everything from bargain pieces to luxury vintage items at the stores that line the area! Harajuku is also home to RagTag Harajuku –– one of the most popular spots to score designer pieces, including those from more obscure designers.

Takeshita Street is one of the most popular entryways to Harajuku. (Photo from: Photo-AC)

There isn’t a dull moment when going thrift shopping in Harajuku as there are many other things you can do while there. Aside from shopping, Harajuku is also full of art and food! There are art exhibitions around the area like Nanzuka Underground and a lot of cafes and restaurants where people can enjoy and dine. Once you get tired of all the thrifting, you can just eat and relax before going shopping again.

2. Shimokitazawa

Located in Setagaya Ward, a residential area found west of Shibuya, Shimokitazawa is probably one of the coolest neighbourhoods in Tokyo. More laid-back than other bustling neighbourhoods, it’s home to vintage stores, bookstores, funky cafes, and music stores, which all come together to create a bohemian vibe. It’s also popular among students for its trendy atmosphere and look.


Shimokitazawa has always been known for thrift shops but has grown even more popular to travellers because of social media. (Photo from: Photo-AC)

If you’re in the mood to catch a movie before or after shopping, don’t forget to stop by the movie theatre located near the station.

3. Kichijoji

Kichijoji is the place to be if you love the mix of nature and city life. Situated in Musashino City, northwest from central Tokyo, thrifting in this area is as nice as it can be as it also boasts of trees, a boat ride, and even a movie theatre! It’s also a few minutes away from Inokashira Park. Restaurants, bars and vintage shops line the streets, giving visitors a handful of activities to choose from.


Kichijoji is another stop in Tokyo to consider for great shopping finds and exciting lifestyle experiences. (Photo from: Photo-AC)

The area is a seemingly endless maze of stores that offer everything from everyday items to second-hand and vintage clothes and even souvenirs for tourists. After roaming around and shopping, you can grab a bite at the many cafes, bakeries, and casual restaurants that serve authentic Japanese food. And while you’re in Kichijoji, why not wind down with a drink at a standing bar in Harmonica Alley?