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A lot of us girls who grew up reading fairy tales once yearned to be a princess. Vast castles, princes on handsome steeds, and bejewelled crowns were the stuff of our childhood fantasies. But what if we told you that these musings could be your reality — at least for a night? Fulfil your childhood dreams and feel like a queen by opting to stay in luxurious castle hotels. There are tons of castle-turned-hotels that you can visit as you travel around the world. At least once in your life, book a night in these opulent accommodations and experience royal living.

Hirado Castle, Nagasaki, Japan

History buffs will surely love this 16th century castle built by the ruling Matsura Samurai Clan during the Feudal Era. This castle situated at the top of the hill will be Japan’s first castle to offer overnight stays. That's right — one of the castle’s structures, Kaiju Yagura, is being renovated into an accommodation facility to receive guests around summer next year. So if you’re planning to visit Nagasaki Prefecture in the following year, skip out the usual accommodations by booking a night in Hirado Castle. Want to stay for free? Join their promo event to win a memorable night in the historic location.

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur, India

The 347-room palace was once the principal residence of the Jodhpur royal family. Perched on the highest point in the city, Umaid Bhawan Palace is one of the few castle hotels in India that can give you a glimpse of the bygone era. A stay here will inspire you, as you’ll be afforded breath-taking views of the vast sand dunes and the historic Blue City that surround the palace. Enjoy a dip in their subterranean Zodiac pool, an afternoon walk in their lush gardens with dancing peacocks to complete your luxurious experience.  

Ciragan Palace Kempinski, Istanbul, Turkey

Çirağan Palace Kempinski is just one of the many castle hotels you can stay in when travelling around the world

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Built in 19th century, Ciragan Palace Kempinski will give you a taste of life in a genuine Ottoman Palace. Spend an extravagant night in this Baroque-styled palace overlooking the Bosphorus strait and experience a relaxing resort ambience in the middle of the city. Try out their rejuvenating spa facilities, especially their winter-heated infinity pool. For those with a taste for fine dining can also have a blissfully diverse culinary experience in the hotel’s restaurants and bars. 

La Mamounia, Marrakesh, Morocco

If you’re planning a trip in the old city of Marrakesh, why not stay a night or two in this Moroccan palace? The ornate Moorish architecture of the legendary palace is a testament to Marrakesh’s rich tradition and history. Aside from the Insta-worthy splendour of its tiled courtyards, La Mamounia is worth the splurge for their hospitable service, luxurious spas, and wide selection of gourmet food. 

Leeds Castle, Kent, England

There are a number of castle hotels in the UK, but Leeds Castle in England offers something more special. Having been up for 900 years now, it has once been the residence of a number of historical figures. It has once been the residence of Catherine of Aragon, the infamous King Henry VIII’s first wife. Enjoy a cosy yet regal night in suites decorated in period-style elements with a contemporary twist. If you’re an outdoorsy traveller, you can even opt to choose their medieval-style Knight’s Glamping experience in the castle’s vineyard. 

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