Kawaii Japanese Clothing Brands To Check Out | CoolJapan

When we think of kawaii fashion, what comes to mind are ruffles, frills and sweet pastel colours — basically what Bo Peep wears in Toy Story. But that's just one type of kawaii style; what you may not be aware of is the concept of otona kawaii, which translates to "adult cute". It's basically wearing cute yet sophisticated clothes that are acceptable to wear even in professional settings.

Some examples include incorporating sorbet shades into your officewear, wearing feminine florals and polka dots paired with another piece that's more sleek and structured or donning pieces with cutesy cuts featuring fun elements like a strip of ruffles. It's a nice way to keep your style fresh and youthful without going overboard. Interested in sporting this aesthetic? Ahead, the cute Japanese clothing brands where you can shop for pieces that fit the otona kawaii look.


With a store situated in Shibuya, EMODA is one of the most popular cute Japanese clothing brands among tourists and locals alike. From time to time, they release interesting special capsule collections like the well-loved Marilyn Monroe limited-edition pieces back in 2014. So you better keep your eyes peeled! What's great about EMODA is that you can browse and shop their pieces online; here's their global website


Want cute pieces that feature soft silhouettes and muted shades? OLIVE des OLIVE is the place for you! They have a lot of mid-priced, quality pieces that are great for those who love putting together ultra-feminine looks. If you get a chance to visit an OLIVE des OLIVE store while in Japan, don't forget to also check out their stylish, snug-worthy cardigans and adorable ballerina flats. 


As their brand's name suggests, ROPÉ PICNIC offers a lot of bright-coloured, whimsical and relaxed pieces that are usually worn during picnic outings. But of course, these are also great in an everyday setting or even in the office (provided that you won't violate any of your company's dress code). 


Of all the brands on this list, WEGO is the one with the widest and most versatile selections. They have the super cutesy pieces that include swimwear, and you can also find casual looks and even street style clothing with a sweet, feminine twist. By Japanese clothing brand standards, WEGO offers the most affordable prices ranging from JPY2000 to 6000.