Rediscover Decora Fashion With These Style Tips | CoolJapan

The most fascinating thing about Japanese fashion subcultures is its many genres. We already discussed Lolita and Mori Kei. Now, let's explore another style that's distinctly different from the first two â€” Decora fashion. Derived from the Japanese word for "decoration", Decora is all about piling on colourful ornaments, like accessories and other trinkets. A complete ensemble would feature an assortment of textures and saturated colours.

This particular style was immensely popular during the 90s and 00s and is now once again receiving attention as the maximalist movement gains momentum. Keep reading to rediscover Decora fashion with some style tips.

Pick a theme

When putting together a Decora ensemble, the first thing you need to decide on is the theme. Many fans of the movement base their looks on cartoon shows like Pokémon, Hello Kitty and The Super Mario Brothers. Sometimes they opt to have a particular event or season such as Christmas and Halloween as the theme. Whatever it is, you must decide on a single theme so that the ensemble will still look cohesive despite the many elements.

Bright and cutesy is key

Decora fashion is all about saturated pastel colours. This is time to bring out those baby pink and powder blue pieces. To further enhance the sweet and youthful aesthetic, adding frills and laces is a must. You can also add some cutesy socks for extra icing. More is more!

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

There's no doubt that accessories are the main attraction in any Decora Fashion look. It's not just about piling on whatever cutesy accessory you see, there's an art to it. You need to pick ones that are unique and in theme. Don't limit yourself to jewellery, even stuff toys can also serve as an accessory that will upgrade your Decora outfit. Others even use printed band-aids and face masks! Get creative and unleash your inner Marie Antoinette.

For shoes, choose platforms

Veteran Decora fashion enthusiasts often wear elaborate custom-made footwear that has an intricate design, but for newbies, the best choice would be a pair of platforms. Because of its chunky heels, these would allow you to decorate more with patches, paint and other adornments.