Visit These Dessert Spots When You're In Tokyo | CoolJapan

We all scream for ice cream but the variety of desserts is endless when you drop anchor in Tokyo. From fluffy pancakes to parfaits, mochi delights and cream puffs, check out our top picks of Tokyo dessert shops to best serve your sweet tooth. 


Walking into any of their cheerful outlets guarantees that you’ll be greeted with the lovely smell of pancakes and a positively delectable time. They’re famous for souffle pancakes, which are possible through the use of whipped egg whites to create that cloud-like texture. The menu consists of sweet and savoury pancake options, along with hybrid pancake puddings and pies as well.

Sadaharu Aoki 

When you visit Paris, you go to Pierre Herme. But when you’re in Japan, you make a beeline for Sadaharu Aoki’s patisserie and indulge in some divine macarons and eclairs. This Japanese-trained chef made his mark in Paris with French desserts that featured Japanese flavours, and the rest is history.

Salon Ginza Sabou 

For the matcha lover, we have the ubiquitous parfait, beautifully served at Salon Ginza Sabou. The Sabou Parfait is made to look like a traditional Japanese garden, with matcha powder sprinkled atop a white chocolate crust that you must break through to reach the layers of matcha ice cream, mascarpone and chestnuts within.

Shirohige’s Cream Puffs

Deceptively adorable, these cream puffs in the shape of Totoro actually pack a real flavour punch. Run by the Miyazaki family, this cafe-slash-bakery in Setagaya provides Ghibli lovers with cream puffs filled to the brim with seasonal flavours such as strawberry and chestnut, making them the cutest souvenirs that you can eat.

Gram Factory 

This dessert shop may look unassuming from its facade but place your order at the counter and watch your social media dreams come true. Each of their desserts is completely customisable through a very generous toppings buffet, resulting in unique, and dangerously delectable treats that you’ll be loath to eat.

(Cover photo from: sadaharuaoki_official)