The Dr. Martens X Hello Kitty Collection Is Cute & Edgy | CoolJapan

In case you haven’t heard, Sanrio’s Hello Kitty is teaming up for another fashion collaboration — this time with the iconic shoe brand, Dr. Martens. Sanrio’s beloved character is the muse of the UK-based brand's new shoe collection. We’ve seen Kitty White on luxury bags, cute backpacks, and even runway-worthy outfits. She’s really one of the biggest nostalgia triggers of the millennial generation. So it's safe to say that the Dr. Martens x Hello Kitty collection will not be an exception. 

The collection is set to drop in the U.S. on 6 March, Friday. With Dr. Martens Philippines teasing its local release on Facebook, we’re at the edge of our seats with anticipation. Here’s what we can expect from this team-up.

Classic boots with a whimsical twist

A collage of the boots in the Dr. Martens x Hello Kitty Collection

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Dr. Martens was inducted into the list of iconic shoe brands for their sturdy boots. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a Dr. Martens collection without this classic style. They put a nice twist to the typical design but added fun elements such as heart-shaped holes for the shoelaces, colourful laces that come in black and red (Hello Kitty’s signature colours), and the image of Hello Kitty right by the heel of each shoe. These certainly add a new dimension to strutting your stuff.

Playfully chic platform Oxfords

A photo of the platform Oxford shoes in the Dr. Martens x Hello Kitty Collection.

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If you prefer a more “mature” design, consider these platform oxfords. The all-black shoe design is quite subdued from the side. The playfulness comes through with the white heart-shaped panel showing Hello Kitty and her sister, Mimmy, peeking from the corner.

Thick platform sandals

A photo of the thick platform sandals in the Dr. Martens x Hello Kitty Collection.

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For hotter days in Southeast Asia, you can opt for these thick, open-toed platform sandals. Aside from adding an inch or two to your height, they also offer a youthful touch with the straps that have Hello Kitty’s trademark hairbow. The contrasting details (colour and design) really make these a quirky shoe option to have.

A fun mini bag

A photo of the heart-shaped mini bag in the Dr. Martens x Hello Kitty Collection

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We’ve already seen brands like Balenciaga and Furla come out with Hello Kitty-inspired bags. Dr. Martens takes it a step further with this heart-shaped mini bag. The black leather features a big red bow on the flap and a heart-shaped buckle.

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