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Any makeup enthusiast would know that Japan is a haven for a false-lash lover — you can find falsies in almost any drugstore or high-end beauty counter. One thing you need to note is no matter the price point, Japanese fake lashes never skimp on quality. This makes them perfect to buy even in bulk. But why do the Japanese love fake eyelashes?

Ideal beauty standards

The average eyelash length of Japanese women is at 5.88 mm, “less than half of a Westerner,” according to the Japan-Asia Nails & Eye Beauty Association (formerly known as the Japan Lash Association) in 2009 via The Japan Times. This has reportedly resulted in Japanese women, whether young or old, desiring to have “long, beautiful lashes.”

However, the obsession for the trend isn’t exactly new. In fact, the first company recorded to have launched fake eyelashes in Japan is Koji-Honpo Co. in 1947, with a product line called Tsuke-Matsuge (which literally translates to ‘false eyelashes’ in Japanese). Then, in the 60s, Western trends and icons like supermodel Twiggy — whose signature look was spider leg-looking lashes — also became popular in Japan.

Come the 70s, 80s, and 90s when beauty trends grew as their own subculture — gyaru and lolita, to name a few. These looks rely on the use of fake eyelashes to complete their iconic aesthetics. This is because these trends were inspired by an exaggerated interpretation of Western features and their idea was to emphasise the surrealism of a doll-like appearance prominent in Japanese pop culture, mostly in anime and manga (Japanese comics).

This made products like curlers, mascaras, and, of course, false eyelashes popular among makeup users in the country.

Fake Eyelashes Japan

Are you into natural, dramatic or bold 3-D lashes? 

At present, eye makeup and falsies-related businesses continue to grow in Japan’s beauty scene. Some even become headlined by celebrities, TV idols, and personalities like Tsubasa Masuwaka for Dolly Wink and Aya Yasuda for Fairy Drops.

Now that you know why there is a fascination over Japanese fake lashes, let’s get to which ones you should get.

For a natural look: D-UP FOLLOWME 03 Sunrainbow by Honobabi

Made in collaboration with J-pop girl group FOLLOWME, this special false eyelashes line from D-UP is created to achieve natural-looking lashes that are perfect for a dainty, everyday look. Our top pick is 03, which gives a rounder eye shape to its wearer. Each lash is handcrafted to give that soft, fanned out look that’s passable as your own lashes — but better.

For something a little dramatic: Dolly Wink 102

The 102 from Dolly Wink is just the pair to get if you want something a little more noticeable without the heavy, over-the-top finish. The feathered look that wings out at the tips gives your eyes a dramatic, elongated shape. This results in a sultry, cat-eye effect that’s perfect for day-to-night activities.

For special occasions: Diamond Lash 3D Eyelash Series in 501

J-beauty trends often steer clear from thick and long Western-looking fake lashes. But it doesn’t mean Japanese brands don’t offer options should you prefer this style. The Diamond Lash 3D Eyelash Series in 501 is our best choice for this category because it looks like C-curled extensions that are still soft-looking despite its incredible volume and length.

Ready to give your peepers a nice lift? Whether you prefer natural, dramatic or 3D-looking fake lashes, these Japanese fake lashes give you more reasons to experiment and express.

(Cover photo from: Min An via Pexels)