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Fumiya Sankai is a household name in the Philippines and a multi-hyphenate: an influencer, vlogger, actor and even a recording artist. He appeared in Pinoy Big Brother: Otso as the first pure Japanese housemate and speaks Taglish, a portmanteau of English and Tagalog. Beyond what people see on TV and on their phones, now, it's time for his fans to get to know him better by discovering the beautiful places in his hometown prefecture of Shizuoka!

Shizuoka Prefecture is well-known for its tea and commanding views of Mount Fuji. Fumiya was born in Hamamatsu City, the second-largest city in Shizuoka prefecture that is known for its production of musical instruments with Yamaha Music Japan. In a video, Fumiya takes you to a few of the many attractions that make Shizuoka an ideal travel destination, including the Mishima Skywalk, Hamamatsu Flower Park, Shimizu Fish Market, and even a multiplex with a unique exterior called Sweets Bank!

Mishima Skywalk

mishima skywalk

(Photo: ©Shizuoka Prefectural Tourism Association)

Located in Mishima City, the Mishima Skywalk measures 400 metres in length and is Japan’s longest suspension bridge. Traversing it affords visitors a grand view of Mount Fuji in the distance on sunny days. In the mornings when temperatures are lower, Mount Fuji and the surrounding Suruga Bay make for a grand sight, and during the evenings the sight of the sun casting its rays across the horizon is equally mesmerising!

Hamamatsu Flower Park

hamamatsu flower park

(Photo: ©Shizuoka Prefectural Tourism Association)

A botanical garden on the side of Lake Hamana, the 30,000 square-metre Hamamatsu Flower Park has around 3,000 different species of flowers, ranging from tulips in early April to amethyst sage and roses in October and camellia shrubs in white and bright pink in December. This means that visitors can enjoy the delight of flower blossoms here any time of the year!

Shimizu Fish Market (Kashi No Ichi)

Shimizu Fish Market (Kashi No Ichi)

Located beside JR Shimizu station, the Shimizu Fish Market is a 20-minute walk from Shimizu Port. The latter boasts of Japan’s biggest catch of tuna, and many Japanese visitors come to the fish market to enjoy fresh tuna and other seafood. The market is divided into two areas: Ichiba-kan, where a variety of fish, shellfish, vegetables, and other products are sold, and Maguro-kan, which comprises mainly seafood restaurants. Visitors looking for the freshest catch will be thoroughly spoilt for choice here!

Sweets Bank

sweets bank shizuoka

The first thing one notices outside the multiplex in Hamamatsu, Sweets Bank, is the unmistakable presence of giant chairs and a table, and a giant shopping bag bearing the name Shunkado (春華堂), incorporated into its exterior. The latter is a brand famous for their Unagipie pastry, a Shizuoka specialty consisting of sweet, crispy confections flavoured with unagi (Japanese for eel) seasoning, with the multiplex containing Shunkado’s direct management store. Besides that, there is also TORA to FUSEN, a café and bakery inside the multiplex, perfect for a lunch or tea break!

There’s so much of Shizuoka to discover, so click on the link below to let Fumiya show you the way in this video!

(Cover photo from: ©Shizuoka Prefectural Tourism Association)

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