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Glamping – where traditional camping meets luxury. The concept of glamping took the world by storm when travellers realised that they could get closer to nature without sacrificing modern comforts. It is a popular activity during the warmer months, but winter is when glamping truly shines.

glamping in japan

Glamping is not just for summer. With luxurious cosy tents, you can camp outdoors in any season. Photo from: Photo AC

Picture yourself in the warmth of a tent, surrounded by the tranquillity of white snowy landscapes. When night falls, you can head outside to toast some marshmallows and gaze at the star-studded winter sky. 

Glamping is a great way to discover some lesser-known but amazing destinations, especially in Japan where nature abounds. Read on to discover some unique glamping experiences in Japan!

Luxury Glamping Under Starry Skies in the Alps of Achi

Achi is a quiet Alpen village nestled in the mountains of Nagano Prefecture. It is renowned for its starry sky, which is believed to be one of the most beautiful in Japan.

mokki swedish glamping in japan

Wake up to magical winter mornings in the warmth of cosy glamping dome tents. Photo from: PR Times

To experience stargazing at its finest, stay at one of several gorgeous glamping tents at mökki STARDUST GLAMPING. This Scandinavian-style luxury glamping resort takes pride in the rich natural beauty that Achi has to offer. 

Equipped with all the modern amenities you need, their spacious dome-shaped tents offer front-row seats to spectacular winter landscapes. 

Thanks to its remote location with low levels of air and light pollution, mökki is one of the best places to enjoy stargazing in Japan. Photo: PR Times

Guests can partake in a variety of activities during winter, such as skiing on the nearby ski slopes or grinding their coffee at the self-serve coffee station. You can also choose to spend an idyllic day taking plenty of pictures at the many stunning photo spots throughout the campsite.

Winter evenings are just as delightful. Wind down with your favourite drinks at the bar (complimentary) before indulging in a hearty BBQ consisting of local seasonal ingredients grown in the rich nature of Minami Shinshu.

When the skies turn dark, it is nature’s time to put on a dazzling night performance. One of the main attractions here at mökki is the clear starry sky. In winter, which is considered the best season for star gazing, the stars twinkle exceptionally bright, illuminating the night sky.

Availability: All year round 


Scandinavian-themed Glamping at the Mountain Village of Naguri

Just a short under-two-hour car trip from Tokyo lies Nolla Naguri, a glamping retreat designed for city-dwellers to experience various aspects of the idyllic Nordic culture.

Glamping at Nolla Naguri lets you enjoy the great outdoors even during the winter season. Photo from: PR Times

This glamping haven is located within Naguri Valley, the western part of Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture. Dense forests occupy 75% of the city, attracting many outdoor lovers for its pristine forest environment, trekking trails, and natural hot springs. Surrounded by marvellous sights, scents and sounds of nature, it is an ideal getaway to relax and recharge.

At Nolla Naguri, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, guests can look forward to experiencing the laidback lifestyle of Scandinavian culture during their stay here in one of the several comfortable glamping tents. 

There are a variety of activities available at the campsite that are suitable for winter. 

Sauna lovers can choose to work up a sweat in either the private outdoor tent saunas or the “savaco” trailer sauna with glass walls that look out to the majestic mountains. When the stars come out, gather everyone for a Nordic-style BBQ featuring delicious local ingredients, all while inhaling the crisp winter air.

A good way to warm up in winter is to enjoy a delicious hotpot consisting of local ingredients. Photo from: PR Times

During the winter months, there is also a special hotpot plan offered to both glamping guests and day-trippers. Indulge in satisfying menus that feature local delicacies such as migratory crabs and wagyu beef from Saitama prefecture.

Availability: All year round 

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Hassle-free camping in the wild, minus the crowds of summertime – winter glamping may be one of the most intimate ways to experience nature in the snowy season. For those who love the outdoors but prefer to do it in style, your next winter adventure could be a unique glamping experience in Japan. Give it a try this winter!