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Sushi aficionados and gourmands are going gaga over the comeback of Hashida Singapore, a reincarnation of Singapore’s most coveted omakase sushi restaurant first established in 2013 at Mandarin Gallery before its subsequent relocation to Mohamed Sultan Road.

Chef Hatch

Chef Hatch (Photo from: Hashida SG) 

A creation of chef-owner Kenjiro ‘Hatch’ Hashida –– a graduate of L’Ecole Tsuji Tokyo, Japan’s top culinary school, with three decades of cooking expertise steeped in the time-honoured traditions of Japan’s haute cuisine –– this new concept goes beyond Edomae sushi and kappo cuisine that his fans are familiar with as he explores a multitude of inventive dishes centred on premium seasonal produce freshly harvested and flown in directly from Japan.

12-seater room Hashida Singapore

12-seater room (Photo from: Hashida Singapore)

Hashida’s new abode in a heritage shophouse on Amoy Street makes a perfect canvas for the rustic-zen design of the intimate space, anchored on the concept of the Sandō, the pathway that leads up to the innermost sacred quarters of a Shinto shrine — metamorphically guiding diners on their culinary pilgrimage to three distinctive private dining rooms. The largest of the room boasts a 12-seat counter and mesmerises with its undulating textured ceiling mimicking a dramatic cloudscape, enhanced by monochrome panelled walls that form a 360-degree greyscale swatch.

8-seater room Hashida Singapore

Eight-seater room (Photo from: Hashida Singapore)

No expense was spared in the décor: Hiba wood is used in the eight-seater room to mirror the architectural qualities of Chef Hatch’s first restaurant in Tokyo which was built using the same type of wood from his family home in Aomori, replete with thatched awnings that form part of the ceiling, while the walls of the seven-seater room feature rare, 200-year-old wood beams imported from an ancestral house in Kyoto complemented by a one-of-a-kind chef’s table crafted from Sakura wood.

How does that food match up to the design hype? Chef Hatch’s reimagined haute cuisine is inspired by the Shu Ha Ri philosophy that stems from Japanese martial arts, interpreted as “tradition, innovate, transcend”, the three stages essential for the mastery of one’s goal. Our three-hour culinary odyssey was punctuated with opulent and impeccably executed edible artworks that showcase the authentic flavours of Japan imbued with subtle international influences.

Chawanmushi Hashida Singapore


Sashimi Platter Hashida Singapore

Sashimi Platter

A creamy chawanmushi with a zesty dollop of ume paste whetted our appetite and readied us for the next course of a delicate sashimi platter comprising chutoto, seabream wrapped with kombu, shisho flower, yam stem and fresh ground wasabi.

Grilled Belt Fish Sushi Hashida Singapore

Grilled Belt Fish Sushi

Standouts from our 16-course (or thereabouts as we lost count after a bit) omakase lunch were the belt fish sushi that’s lightly grilled skin-side over binchotan — a seemingly simple, smoky creation that solicited delightful exclamations; and a don laden with glistening gobbets of ikura topped with luscious Baifun uni and diced scallops from Hokkaido. No omakase is complete without the ubiquitous otoro sushi — here, the fatty morsel is theatrically sliced from a large slab of tuna belly right in front of you. Business must be roaring; the chef commented that he goes through a portion of tuna belly in just four days.

Uni Ikura Don Hashida Singapore

Uni Ikura Don

Drawing on her intimate knowledge of the restaurant, our host surprised us with an off-menu item — an umami-filled negitoro hand roll; the chopped fatty tuna wrapped in crisp lightly toasted nori seaweed created an explosion of flavours and textures in the mouth.

A culinary sojourn in this gastronomic temple doesn’t come cheap, with an omakase starting from SGD300++ and SGD350++ for lunch and dinner respectively. Considering the pampering by a highly-skilled Japanese chef weaving magic with ingredients of the highest order of freshness and quality, the gorgeous zen setting and the attention to every minute detail, Hashida Singapore is certainly worth the splurge for that special occasion.

Hashida Singapore

77 Amoy Street, Singapore 069896