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Japan has always been a favourite destination for tourists. In addition to the many interesting sites that can be visited, the ingenuity of the country's culture makes it an interesting choice when doing one's holiday wishlist. As for activities not to miss out on, trying out Japan's traditional clothing, kimono, is simply essential. Who wouldn't want to take leisurely strolls and photos while dressed in such a unique and beautiful outfit? 

The rise of hijabers attracted to the kimono experience

Aside from typical tourists who are in it for the experience, the rise of Muslim tourists who wear hijabs have also seen the appeal of kimonos. Besides the beauty of its designs, its long and conservative form made it attractive to hijabers, given that its modest fashion combined with a new cultural experience. Still, a remaining issue was that some hijabers felt the need to take off their hijabs just to try out a kimono

Thankfully, given the high enthusiasm of the hijabers to try out kimonos when in Japan, renting a kimono with a special hijab is now possible when in Kyoto. This is through Yumeyukata, a known kimono rental service with a great rep among tourists who have tried the kimono experience. 

The hijaber-friendly kimono package up-close

Different from the usual hijab, the special 'scarf' that comes with the kimono package is intentionally designed to match the kimonos that are being rented. Dressed in wagara (Japanese patterns) like sakura (cherry blossoms) and yukiwa (snowflake) motifs in spring colours, hijabers can mix and match the patterns to their liking to complement their chosen kimono. The scarf is also made with a thicker material that resembles fabrics commonly used in kimonos, ensuring that it ties the entire look together.

Plus, no need to worry about limited options as Yumeyukata continues to expand their selection of colours and designs to fully accommodate the varying tastes and styles of hijabers who come by their shop. 

Muslim-friendly beyond kimono rental

Interestingly, apart from Yumeyakata being the first hijab kimono rental service in Japan, it also has a prayer room. The management of Yumeyakata calls this facility Halal Trip, dedicated specifically for visiting Muslim travellers. This aims to further diversify the traditional cultural experience Muslim travellers can enjoy when in Japan, all while accommodating cultural differences as well. Now, hijabers within and outside of the Clozette Community need not hesitate when thinking of Japan as their next travel destination. 

Yumeyakata Gojo
128, Manjujicho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Yumeyakata Oike Annex
472-1 Kinpukicho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-0846

*This story was initially published in Clozette Indonesia.

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