Honoka Matsumoto’s Best Instagram Fashion Moments | CoolJapan

Japanese actress Honoka Matsumoto leads Netflix’s latest original movie 桜のような僕の恋人 (Love Like The Falling Petals), which was released on the platform on 24 March worldwide. Honoka stars opposite Kento Nakajima (from the idol group Sexy Zone), in this melodrama. It’s about Haruto Asakura (Nakajima), an aspiring photographer who lost all motivation to pursue his dreams, and Misaki Ariake (Matsumoto), a bubbly hairdresser whose life suddenly turns around when she gets diagnosed with a rare genetic illness.

Judging by the synopsis, we’re gonna need tons of tissue. But whether you decide to stream the movie or not (for the reason stated earlier), we’re giving you another reason why Honoka should be on your radar: her cute Instagram fashion moments.

Similar to her character in the film, Honoka’s preference for relaxed yet chic ensembles is a delight to see. Here are some of our favourite Honoka outfits that graced her grid.

Orange puffy turtleneck and jumper dress

When we think of jumper dresses, the pair that comes to mind is one with a fitted shirt underneath. However, Honoka’s choice for a puffy turtleneck gives the combination a softer, cosier appearance. The way the sleeves go past her wrists also adds that extra kawaii (cute) appeal to the entire look.

Button-down shirt dress

Casual J-fashion is known to mix modesty with charming elements and Honoka’s button-down shirt dress has both. It’s simple, doesn’t show much skin, and has small floral accents that give it a prairie girl look. We can definitely see ourselves wearing this outfit too.

Plaid collared top and crepe maxi skirt

Honoka proves she’s a master of layering outfits with another ensemble that mixes prints, textures, and bold colours. The crisp collar and the cuffs add a certain preppiness to the look. Meanwhile, the orange colour appearing in both her top and choice of skirt makes the outfit cohesive. Definitely a 10 out of 10 in our books.

Black and orange spring outfit

Another orange-accented outfit! We’re not sure if orange is Honoka’s favourite colour but there’s no doubt that she wears the colour well. Compared to the other looks, however, this look is dominantly black, with a spring coat and wide pants being the main pieces of the outfit. The coordinated bag and socks took the attention to detail a notch higher and the glasses that completed the look gave it a more casual allure.

Blue blazer and cropped trousers combo

This look is a lot crisper in contrast to the earlier looks which are more oversized and laidback. We love the pop of blue the blazer gives and we think the choice of the jumper trousers and loafers elevates the preppy appeal of the ensemble. The orange bag also adds another layer of colour to the look. Overall, there are so many things happening in this outfit but Honoka owned them well.

(Cover photo from: Netflix)