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Tired of scrolling through Netflix but not finding anything nice to watch? We say click through the J-drama section and hit play on I Will Be Your Bloom (Japanese title Kimi No Hana Ni Naru). This refreshing J-drama is about a former teacher turned dorm matron who becomes in charge of the fictional idol unit 8LOOM (pronounced ‘bloom’).

I Will Be Your Bloom (Japanese title: Kimi No Hana Ni Naru) is now streaming on Netflix.

I Will Be Your Bloom (Japanese title: Kimi No Hana Ni Naru) is now streaming on Netflix.

What’s interesting about this drama is during its airing in Japan, its network, TBS, promoted 8LOOM like a real idol unit. We’re talking official music videos you can stream on YouTube and songs you can play on Spotify. They also appeared on magazine covers as 8LOOM.

The group also held an actual concert, as well as performed in music shows and international music fairs like K-CON, with some of the footage used in the drama.

If you think that’s it, they even sold official merch like dolls, keychains, stickers, and more which you can still purchase as of writing (wink, wink).

Ready to get sucked into the hype? We give you the 411 on I Will Be Your Bloom’s plot and cast, as well as reasons to watch it below.

I Will Be Your Bloom plot and cast

Asuka Nakamichi (Tsubasa Honda) is a school teacher who loves her job. However, due to certain circumstances, she was forced to leave the school, which puts a toll on her emotional well-being. She ends up living with her sister and her sister’s boyfriend and helps them out at her sister’s mobile bento (lunch box) shop. However, after the couple got engaged, Asuka voluntarily decides to move out to give them more privacy. After seeing a promising job ad, Asuka gets hired as a stay-in dorm matron.

During her job briefing, Asuka learns that the residents under her care are from an idol group called 8LOOM. The group’s manager informed Asuka that 8LOOM’s career has been a flop ever since their debut. They also lack motivation after one of their former members quit and their rival group, CHAYNEY (also a fictional group made for the series), skyrocketed to fame. Asuka instantly took on the role of a matron while waiting for the group to come home.

She later finds out that one of 8LOOM’s members is Dan Sagami (Fumiya Takahashi), her former student. Dan is joined by Naru (Ryubi Miyase), Yukiya (Keito Tsuna), Eiji (Rintaro Hachimura), Ryusei (Shoot Mori), Takumi (NOA), and Takara (Co-ki Yamashita).

Asuka was happy to see Dan again after so many years, especially since she was the one who encouraged him to pursue his passion for music. However, Dan pretends not to remember Asuka.

Reasons to watch this J-drama

1. The story is lighthearted yet heartwarming

While the plot sounds like fanfiction, the storytelling isn’t cringey or annoying at all. In fact, the romance sub-story takes a bit of a backseat and the main story focuses more on treasuring friendships, valuing hard work and dedication, and pursuing your dreams no matter how many setbacks come your way.

It also rejected the ‘crazy fangirl stereotype’ that most idol-themed TV shows have and instead highlighted the many positives of fan culture. This includes making new friends of different ages, having a healthy parasocial relationship with your idols, and forging relationships because of shared interests.

Another highlight? 8LOOM’s rival group CHAYNEY weren’t made into antagonists, but rather healthy rivals and good friends to the group. Despite becoming more popular than 8LOOM in the beginning, CHAYNEY members were also shown to be equally hardworking and dedicated and never belittled 8LOOM’s efforts. Unwanted petty drama has no room here!

2. There are a lot of fun facts about the cast

Tsubasa Honda who plays Asuka is also known for playing Winry Rockbell in the live-action adaptations of the world-famous anime series Fullmetal Alchemist (which can also be streamed on Netflix).

As for 8LOOM, five of the seven-piece fictional idol group are actually idols/artists in real life.

Ryubi Miyase, who plays the red-haired Naru, was a former member of the idol group M!LK. He left the group to focus on his acting career.

Meanwhile, NOA, who plays Takumi, is the first Japanese trainee of the South Korean agency YG Entertainment. He returned to Japan in 2018 and became a solo artist.

Co-ki Yamashita, who plays Takara, is a dancer. Rintaro Hachimura, who plays the group’s quiz master Eiji, is from the boy band WATWING. Shoot Mori, who plays Ryusei, is from the 10-member vocal and dance group BUDDiiS. I Will Be Your Bloom is their debut as actors.

The only members of 8LOOM without a formal music career prior to the series are Fumiya Takahashi, who plays the lead Dan, and Keito Tsuna, who plays the energetic but hotheaded Yukiya.

3. 8LOOM’s chemistry will make you wish they were a real idol group

8LOOM may not be a real idol unit, but their chemistry in the drama, as well as their performances in music shows and festivals, prove that they have as much charisma and chemistry as real groups. The members also seemingly got close in real life, too, with all of them appearing on each other’s social media accounts even after the series wrapped up. NOA, who plays Takumi, even released the song Purple Sky as inspired by his time as a 8LOOM member.

4. 8LOOM’s music and music videos are quite addicting

The group released a total of five songs, all of which were performed in the drama: Come Again, HIKARI, Melody, Forever or Never, and Kimi No Hana Ni Naru (in reference to the drama’s Japanese title).

While we wouldn’t spoil too much about the context of the songs in the drama, we can guarantee that you’ll definitely find a favourite among them given that all of their releases are bops. Thankfully, as we mentioned earlier, 8LOOM’s music is available for streaming on Spotify and their music videos are on YouTube.

Where to watch I Will Be Your Bloom

All episodes of I Will Be Your Bloom are now available to stream on Netflix with English subtitles.

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