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When we think of Japanese beauty brands, big names immediately come to mind. However, everyone who's been to the Land of the Morning Sun or just interested in Japanese beauty products knows that there’s more to J-beauty than just your usual players. In fact, even recent reports suggest that there’s currently a boom in Japan’s indie beauty scene. So if you’re currently on the hunt for more J-beauty picks to add to your arsenal, make sure you keep an eye out for these indie Japanese beauty brands too!

Creer Beaute 

Have you ever dreamed of owning Sailor Moon makeup? Well, before Colourpop came out with their recent collaboration featuring the ‘90s anime icon, Creer Beaute’s entire branding was already all about the Pretty Guardian. From face masks to compacts and a variety of lip products, you’ll definitely have your fill of beauty and collector’s item picks in one with this brand.

Don’t forget to grab: The Miracle Romance Multi Carry Balm. Aside from the stunning package designs featuring the Sailor Scouts’ emblems, the product contains jojoba oil, squalene and olive oil that help to moisturise not just your lips but any other part of the face and body that needs a dose of hydration.

Fairy Drops 

Created by Japanese TV Personality Aya Yasuda, this indie Japanese beauty brand is best known for eye products that not only last long but also nourish your lash and skin with its essence-filled formulas. The stylish metallic packaging gives it a fun yet premium feel, making it a quick standout as soon as you see it on the beauty shelves.

Don’t forget to grab: The Platinum Mascara Waterproof. Claiming to give a nice lush curl to even the most stubborn and stick-straight lashes, this “sweat-and-tear-resistant” mascara also boasts royal jelly extract, jojoba oil, hydrolysed collagen and more to ensure that your lashes are well-cared-for and protected even with some heavy-duty coating.


This cult-favourite indie Japanese beauty brand met its fame soon after having a single-product launch in 2001 headlined by their iconic Fiberwig Mascara. According to the brand’s website, the use of a film-type formula on the product made it a quick hit amid the popularity of oil-based mascaras at the time, immediately earning its place in Japanese’s women’s vanities.

Don’t forget to grab: The Dejavu Eyebrow Color. The Fiberwig Mascara may have sealed the brand’s name on J-beauty but their recent @cosme 2020 awardee Eyebrow Color is also not one to miss. Try out and see if they'll deliver on their promise of soft, natural-looking brows sans any clumping, excessive drying or stiffness.


If organic skincare is more up your alley, Kyoto-founded indie brand Kotoshina is the one to direct your attention to. This Japanese beauty brand has partnerships with tea plantation farmers from Kyoto’s matcha capital Uji and organic French perfumers to create their range of skin and body care products. They also cover your ‘inner beauty’ needs with their selection of natural detoxifying teas and gluten-free treats to support snacktime during your self-care regimen.

Don’t forget to grab: The Kotoshina Face Lotion Rich. Japan is already known for its version of gentle essence-toners so adding this organic and antioxidant-enriched formula to your cart is a no-brainer.


Ever heard of the cult-favourite Moteliners that use traditional Japanese brush-making techniques to create the fine tips of their eyeliners? Indie Japanese beauty brand Flowfushi is responsible for this unique beauty find. The Tokyo-born label is known for continuously challenging beauty development methods, earning its every release widespread anticipation not just in Japan but worldwide.

Don’t forget to grab: Their Lip 38℃ <1℃ Swirl> lip product which is the first to use “glitter and pearl to the base colour for a marbling effect”. This gives the lips a nice, multi-dimensional plumping effect that serves as both a treatment and a gorgeous leave-on lip colour.

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