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Even though maximalist aesthetic has officially taken over these days, we still have a special place for the minimalist look in our hearts — especially when it comes to packaging. With many brands becoming more eco-friendly when it comes to product packaging, there's a budding renaissance for sleek and chic packaging, which, without the unnecessary frills and colouring, has a higher chance of being recycled. And which ones are thriving in this category? Japanese beauty brands! 

Aside from popular ones like SK-II, Shiseido and Shu Uemura, there are other J-Beauty brands with insanely chic packaging that should be on your radar. Keep reading to get to know them.


SENSAI, a beauty brand under Kanebo Cosmetics, is known for two things: its elegant ripple-like packaging and their very special ingredient called Koishimaru Silk. According to SENSAI, this precious material has the power to promote the natural production of hyaluronic acid in our skin and is key to achieving a well-moisturised and healthy complexion.


Despite having a western-sounding name, DECORTÉ is actually a Japanese brand. Although, when it comes to packaging, it does draw inspiration from the chic look that's associated with the French aesthetic. We can't help but swoon over those sophisticated-looking lipsticks with the signature scallop detail on the cap and the rose gold platings on the face makeup products.

dear mayuko

dear mayuko's packaging is a good example of geometric minimalism in product packaging done right. Its minimalistic take is thoughtful and reflects the value of the brand, which is to enjoy simple, everyday life. Just like other skincare-focused J-Beauty brands, products of dear mayuko put a premium on hydrated, clean skin.


Shisiedo Integrate has a youthful vibe in terms of packaging. Their signature red shade is more vibrant in tone compared with Shiseido's and the products have cheeky details like heart-shaped prints. In terms of aesthetic, it’s in an ‘in-betweener’ place between the cutesy teen designs and sophisticated grown-up look. Still chic, nonetheless!

Ishizawa Lab

Considered as a 'best-kept' secret by many skincare lovers, Ishizawa Lab offers additive-free makeup and skincare alternatives for those with sensitive skin. Their packaging is as straightforward and pleasantly simple as its actual products. In particular, their best-selling Hahagiku Watery Foundation looks so uniquely chic that it will surely level up your shelfies.

(Cover photo from: @decortebeauty)

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