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Japan is well-known not just for effective and must-try skincare and bodycare products but also for intriguing beauty tools. We’re so drawn to them because of their eccentric appeal yet undeniable functionality. But apart from the visually-peculiar beauty tools we’ve already sifted through before, here’s another pile of top-to-toe self-care picks that’ll surely get you interested. Scroll on for more Japanese beauty and wellness tools you didn’t know you needed.

Katatsumuri Cassa scalp massager

Katatsumuri Cassa scalp massager

JPY1980/~USD18.20 (

Need a quick mood boost in between your daily activities? Give yourself a relaxing scalp massage with Katatsumuri Cassa’s scalp massager. Fun fact: Katatsumuri means 'snail' in Japanese, thus the shape of the product!

Why you need it: The tool is ergonomically designed to follow the curve of your scalp and hairline, as well as fit your grasp firmly for better control and tension. The antennas not only help stimulate good blood flow and send relaxing sensations all over your body through the nerves in your scalp but also to help tone the skin to prevent premature sagging.

DAISO Jun Silicone 3D Mask

DAISO Jun Silicone 3D Mask

JPY110 /~USD1(

Sheet masks are relaxing as much as they are skin nourishing, but wearing them poses two major problems: they slip off when you don’t stay still, and you don’t get to maximise the use of the serum because it evaporates before everything gets seeped into your skin. DAISO’s Jun Silicone 3D Mask is the solution.

Why you need it: This reusable product helps lay the sheet mask firmly to your face for better product absorption. The product also has ear hoops and a snug yet still comfortable and breathable design that allows you to move about without fear of your sheet mask falling from your face. Did we mention it’s affordable too?

Q’tebody Coral Pink Body Massager

Q’tebody Coral Pink Body Massager

JPY2090/~USD19.21 (

Want to tone up your bodyline but only have a couple of minutes to spare daily? Q’tebody’s lymphatic body massager is the one to check out.

Why you need it: It helps tone up the muscles, stimulate better blood flow, as well as smoothen your skin, with its seven stainless steel balls that rotate at 360 degrees. The tool also fits perfectly against the palm with its band and silicone material for easy manoeuvring. Definitely perfect for an easy yet relaxing self-massage session after a long and tiring day!

CoCoQ M suction cup set

CoCoQ M suction cup set

JPY3278/~USD30.12 (

Cupping therapy is a popular East Asian practice that is said to help ease inflammations, improve blood flow, and help with muscle tension. A more modern and milder take on it is using silicone cups like CoCoQ M. They provide the same relaxing effect, minus the excessive skin reddening and bruising from the traditional technique.

Why you need it: Instead of using fire to heat it, CoCoQ M suction cups only require warm to hot water so it’s less painful. The set comes with an acupuncture and meridian points chart to help guide you through the at-home process. The suction cups stick to the skin securely without feeling uncomfortable so you don’t have to worry about mobility during usage too. It also comes in different sizes and of various sets to fit various body parts and certain uses.

Ohyamashiki Body Make Pad For Lady


Having poor posture doesn’t just make your gait look bad, it also affects your bone structure, blood circulation, digestion, and more. Thankfully, Ohyamashiki’s Body Make Pad For Lady helps to address this through a support wellness tool worn at your soles.

Why you need it: Selling over 6 million units in total in Japan (according to 美st magazine in 2020*), this product creates the perfect tension on your feet, providing balance and moderate stimulation on your sole muscles. This translates to a domino-effect on your overall posture. The product is also designed just like toe rings fit to wear with any shoe type and for every kind of lifestyle. 

(*Must-Buy Miscellaneous Plastic Goods During Stay-At-Home Period, 美st Magazine September 2020 Issue)

(Cover photo from: Anna Shvets via Pexels)