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Did you know that there’s a way you can bring the relaxing onsen experience to your home? Enter Japanese bath salts! There are many kinds of bath salts available in the market. Some are infused with essential oils, others are medicated, and so on. You’ll often find them as powdered salts or tablets that dissolve into your bath. Whatever form they may come, all are designed to elevate your bathing experience. Is your interest piqued? Ahead, all you need to know about Japanese bath salts.

Benefits of adding it to your bath

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While some Japanese bath salts now have fun features such as various colours and scents, their main purpose is to boost your tap water with the similar minerals found in an actual natural spring onsen in Japan. As such, it is believed that you’ll also get the same onsen bath benefits when you add these salts to your regular hot bath.

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This includes better blood circulation, joint pain relief, and better sleep, according to Shinya Hayasaka, who is a medical doctor and professor at Tokyo City University. On top of it all, indulging in a special bath helps one to relax and unwind after a long day.

Japanese bath salt variants and where you can buy them

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Each variant of Japanese bath salts is packed with minerals that are sourced from specific areas in Japan. Some also contain herbal extracts and added elements like sulfur to suit different preferences. There are even specialised bath salts that are made from dehydrated onsen water to preserve the exact same minerals and other elements present in an actual onsen.

But in general, regular bath salts are just as good, much more accessible, and are formulated to not harm your pipes and tubs. Here are some that you can check out.

Tabi No Yado Bath Salts - Milky Pack

The “Milky Pack” Tabi No Yado Bath Salts are some of the most popular bath salts in Japan. It is made to recreate what it’s like to dip into some of Japan’s famed onsens including the water colour and consistency. True to its name, this pack produces a slightly opaque appearance when added to bathwater. The collection contains salts with citrus (grey colour), floral (blue colour), forest (green colour), and Japanese cedar (cream colour). You can buy it here.

Bath Roman Japanese Cypress Bath Salts

Want bath salts with moisturising benefits? Go for the Bath Roman Japanese Cypress Bath Salts. It’s infused with Japanese cypress extract which is known for its antifungal and antimicrobial properties. These are gentle so you can have a long soak without any worries. The aesthetically pleasing milky orange-yellow hue is a true delight to the senses. Get yours here.

Nihon No Meito Bath Salts

The Nihon No Meito Bath Salts are developed in collaboration with some of Japan’s most famous onsens. There are many varieties of bath salts that you can choose from, but a beloved favourite is Nyuto Onsen’s (also known as the “nipple hot spring”) bath salt. The salts simulate the experience of dipping into Akita prefecture’s most popular onsen. It has a fresh forest-like scent and milky white appearance. Expect a refreshing feel! Buy yours here.

How to use Japanese bath salts

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Using Japanese bath salts is very easy because they often come in convenient sachet packs. All you have to do is fill up your bathtub with heated water. Once ready, empty the individual packs into the water and give it a quick mix to dissolve it. While mixing, you’ll begin to smell the delicious fragrance and see the calming colours. Afterwards, you can go ahead and soak yourself for 15 to 30 minutes depending on instructions found on the packet. When you’re done, you can skip the rinse and simply wrap yourself in a towel.

Will you try Japanese bath salts?