Unique Japanese Beauty Routines To Try At Home | CoolJapan

As beauty enthusiasts, we're always on the hunt not just for new innovative products to try but also tried-and-tested beauty practices from the world over. While many locales have their own unique beauty practices, the ones from Japan are undeniably interesting. Many are rooted in tradition and can be traced back from as far as the Edo Period (1603-1868). Here are some unique Japanese beauty routines to try at home.

Rice bran-infused products

The use of rice bran in Japanese beauty routines is an age-old tradition and it was so widely used that it made its way into historical paintings such as in the Sōshi arai by Utagawa Kunisada II (1857) where a courtesan was depicted to have a rice bran pouch for washing face, according to Nippon. Today, rice bran products are still used in Japanese beauty routines because of its high antioxidant properties. The brand Bijin Nuka, established in 1894, is one of the first producers of rice bran skincare products and has an array of selections like facial wash, toners and creams. While it's possible to do it the traditional way — actual rice bran mixed with water — it's not recommend as the grainy texture can scratch your face

Lotion instead of toner 

Instead of using an astrigent toner, the Japanese use face lotion which is described as a moisturising essence. It's applied after facial wash but before essence and face cream. By doing this, the lotion will bring back the moisture that may have been stripped after washing the face. It's also said to prep the skin for maximum absorption of the next skincare layers. Interested? Know more here.

Pearl powder as setting powder

While using pearl powder isn't a beauty practice that's exclusive in Japan, the particular pearl produced in the country is unique. The Japanese Akoya pearl is said to give a "soft-focus hue" and can also be used as a natural highlighter. It also has some reported skincare properties like possible collagen stimulation. You can try it for yourself and buy one at Wawaza.

Seaweed for hair care

Using seaweed for hair care may sound funny to those not familiar with Japanese beauty routines but it's something that many swear by. It's said to make hair look shiny and full. One method is by using kelp water to adding to soups and enjoying it. Another is through topical application of Funori, also known as organic Japanese seaweed hair cleanser. Just mix well with hot water and massage it onto the scalp. It's recommended to follow it with an application of Camellia oil after rinsing for added hair protection.

Face yoga

You might be familiar with vinyasa or even goat yoga, but have you tried doing face yoga? It's a series of exercises designed to tone your facial muscles to lessen puffiness and keep skin tight. Although it has promising scientific findings, literature is still sparse to prove its effectivity. But if you still want to give it a try, Fumiko Takatsu (the creator of Face Yoga Method) uploads different facial exercise routines regularly that you can start incorporating in your own beauty routine. We suggest starting with these easy five facial exercises for beginners. Afterwards, enjoy a sheet facial mask routine to soothe the skin.

(Cover photo from: Uby Yanes via Unsplash)