Japanese Beauty Tools That Will Amaze You | CoolJapan

As a country that's home to some of the world's most renowned gadget brands, it comes as no surprise that Japan has a lot to offer in the beauty tools department. From well-designed mechanical products to futuristic innovations, there are a plethora of exciting makeup and skincare tools to discover. That said, here are five Japanese beauty tools that will amaze you.

Panasonic EH-XC10 facial cleanser

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This multifunctional facial gadget is not your typical facial brush cleanser. It has a warm plate feature to help melt waterproof makeup for a thorough cleansing, a foam-making function so you can easily produce that dense facial wash foam in a jiffy and it can also be an after-cleanse massage roller. For those with oily-combination skin, a dedicated "pore focus brush" attachment is available for deep cleaning the t-zone. What's more is that it's completely cord-free and portable so it won't take up a lot of space on your vanity.

Hitachi Hada Crie Hot & Cool

PHP12,160/~USD243 on Lazada

An upgraded version of the Hitachi Hada Crie Cool, this gadget is mainly for helping skincare penetrate deeply into the skin. One of the modes is designed for applying facial lotions more effectively, which will supposedly make your skin more moisturised. It's quite effective at what it promises, according to beauty bloggers like triplerin.com and the reviewers on Amazon. It even has a pore-tightening feature which will cool your skin, giving it a temporary pore-minimising effect. Would you believe that this nifty gadget is produced by the same company that creates elevators and construction machinery?

ReFa Carat Face Massager


This unassuming face massager packs a punch with its "double drainage rollers" and microcurrent feature — both work to keep cheeks, jawline, neck and the décolletage firm and toned. No wonder it has gained a cult following not just in Japan but also across Asia and beyond. It's also consistently nominated in our Clozette Beauty Awards along with its other version, the ReFa Carat Ray Face, which is an upgraded, more compact edition. 

Shiseido Eyelash Curler

USD22 on Sephora

The Shiseido Eyelash Curler is already iconic, and for good reason. Its grip is still one of the best — grabbing just enough of the lash strands to achieve that natural-looking pretty curl (none of that strange 90-degree fold) without the sacrificial lashes. Plus, it doesn't have that pinching sensation that other curlers are notorious for. A simple yet powerful tool!

Louvredo Fukugen Non-Heat Dryer


Rather than heat, it uses "vibrations" to dry out hair. It works similarly to a washing machine which uses a spin cycle instead of a heat-powered dryer; it removes excess water but still leaves a little hydration.  It's also marketed to be used for drying other, ahem, hair body parts. 

Some of these beauty tools may be a little strange, but they sure have promising features. So why not give it a try? Which nifty Japanese beauty tool caught your fancy?