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Feel like your everyday makeup is getting a little more boring? If you’re stuck in a beauty rut and have no idea how to make things a bit more unique, why not look over to our neighbours in East Asia for inspiration? J-beauty’s finally getting the worldwide attention it deserves and the quirky and fresh aesthetic of their vibrant beauty scene is totally worth copping. Go beyond your comfort zone. Instead of sticking to your neutrals, switch up your routine by checking out Japanese beauty trends that’ll add colourful fun to your day.

A different kind of bold

Like their Western counterparts, the beauty lovers of Japan aren’t afraid to go bold — glossy and striking pinks, reds, and oranges are a popular choice colour for their lips. But if in Western-style makeup, we’re used to lining the lips for a more emphasised pout, here in the East, the colour comes with a blurry effect for a more health-infused look.

Simply flushed

Add more colour to your face by applying heavy strokes of bright blush. You can go along the byojaku or “sickly” trend by applying it right under your eyes to mimic the reddish puffy skin you have when sick. But if you’re not into that, go for the subtler igari or “drunk blush” by extending your flush to cover most of your cheeks. Either of this two will give you a more doll-like appearance that’s totally kawaii (cute). 

Stick to one

Avoid rushing when doing your makeup in the morning. Instead of spending time choosing which shades to wear and blending them to perfection, go for a monochromatic look instead. This Japanese beauty trend is exactly how it sounds like — stick to just one shade for your eyes, cheeks, and lips. For a fresh and youthful look, pick a bright warm shade that goes with your skin tone.

Striking eyes

Ditch the traditional black or brown eyeliner. Sure, it’s your trusty fave for a more natural look. But if you want to be a bit more adventurous when it comes to your make up, try to outline your peepers with striking colours instead. Coloured eyeliners are one of the most popular Japanese beauty trends to come this year. Options are endless. You can go for red for a fierce look or for a blue shade for a bit of futuristic touch.

A final touch

If you want to go the extra mile, add a few embellishments to your daily look. Choose something you think would fit your vibe for the day. If you’re going for cute and feminine, stick flower-shaped details right under your eye. Or if you’re going for a more sophisticated glam, perhaps rhinestone makeup would be perfect for you. Remember to keep it subtle by sticking to small pieces so it’s still appropriate for a casual day.

(Cover photo from: @shuuemura)

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