Japanese Fashion Collaborations You Shouldn't Miss | CoolJapan

There's a reason why Japanese fashion is beloved the world over. It's distinct, fun and yet completely wearable. When mixed with a different aesthetic, it's all the more interesting. This could be why Japanese fashion collaborations are more often than not hotly anticipated by many. It's not always just streetwear brands, recent collabs have also featured sportswear labels and heritage brands. Intrigued? Ahead, we list down the most interesting Japanese fashion collaborations to date. 

Tailor Toyo x BEAMS

A brand with roots from the post World War II era, Tailor Toyo is known for its sukajan jackets embroidered with Japanese motifs. Back then, it was a popular clothing souvenir that US army men would take home. To personalise it, base names, code names and the year of service are embroidered on the jacket. Now, it has become a Japanese cultural icon adored and sported by the Japanese though it continues to remain popular amongst tourists. Because of their unique appeal, BEAMS has produced pieces of sukajan jackets with limited-edition designs featuring popular districts in Tokyo, dragon motifs and more, in cooperation with Tailor Toyo. Check out the collection at the BEAMS global website.

Palace x Evisu

Evisu collaborating with Palace Skateboards seems to be a natural move since they share a similar fanbase: streetwear and athleisure lovers. So it makes sense to roll out a genuinely thoughtful collab that will delight loyal customers. But even if you're just a casual fan, you would still want a piece of this collection. Aside from denim jackets, which Evisu is known for, it also has hoodies, shirts and other apparel perfect for skaters and non-skaters alike. This drop is an online exclusive and, unfortunately, according to the comments section on Evisu's Instagram, it got sold out a minute after its release. Rumour has it that it will also be available in their physical shops and local stockists, though. Crossing our fingers!

Mame Kurogouchi x Tod's

Japanese designer label Mame Kurogouchi and Italian luxury brand Tod's have more or less the same aesthetic. So when the two decided to do a fashion collaboration, the finished products — which includes handbags, sandals and a trenchcoat — are a seamless mix of the two brands' style. With the Mame Kurogouchi x Tod's collection, what you get is the best of each brand. It's minimalistic and sophisticated much like any Mame Kurogouchi piece but with a touch of grounded cosmopolitan chicness of Tod's items. Get a piece of this collection here.

Wacko Maria x Jean-Michel Basquiat

Wacko Maria may be a menswear label but we argue that these artsy shirts can be worn by women, too. Showcasing three of the late Jean-Michel Basquiat's artworks, In Italian, Untitled, and Untitled (Three Kings), Wacko Maria reimagined elements from the original paintings, added illustrations and printed the final sketches in their signature Hawaiian cut shirt. Each one is quite a statement piece! Visit Wacko Maria's site to cop this Japanese fashion collaboration. 

Naomi Osaka x ADEAM

Designer Hanako Maeda of ADEAM has a lot of achievements under her belt, including designing custom pieces for the likes of Anne Hathaway and Michelle Obama. Now, her latest feat is a fashion collaboration with Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka. The five-piece capsule collection can be considered as an in-betweener; it's a mix of cutesy and mature elements. You'll be able to spot remnants of kawaii aesthetic but there are also mature styles like sleek drapey silhouettes. First seen at ADEAM's Fall 2020 runway, the collection will be available in August at ADEAM's e-commerce site