Japanese Hair Trends To Try In 2020 | CoolJapan

Whenever we face something major in our lives, somehow, we always end up getting a haircut. Just got out of a relationship? Snip. Reeling from stressful events? Snip. It’s a curious habit, isn’t it? And with 2020 starting with a bang, most are suddenly filled with an urge to have a complete makeover. Perhaps, it’s a way of showing that our past troubles no longer inhibit us from fully realising our potential. So go ahead, welcome change and experiment as a means of caring for yourself. If you’re still looking for fun and charming styles to match your better outlook, then look no further than our neighbours in the Land of the Rising Sun. Ahead, we list down Japanese hair trends in 2020 that you might want to try.

Retro layers

While we say looking ahead is the best way to move forward, there’s no harm in looking back at the things we loved in the past. So this year, try having your hair cut in uneven layers. This shaggy ‘do that’s one of the most popular Japanese hair trends this 2020 is reminiscent of retro styles back in the ‘70s but modernised with dishevelled curls. What’s great is that this cut is perfect for any hair length, so you won’t need to chop your hair all the way up if you don’t want to.

In and out

For less adventurous folks who are afraid to completely change their look, an options is to have their locks styled in a layered lob. But instead of styling it with the usual beachy waves, look towards Japanese hair trends this 2020 and try this lob with fly-away ends. Curling the top part of your hair inwards and the ends out in one direction creates a unique look that gives you volume and body. 

Wispy curtains

That’s right — although not the best choice for round face shapes, the wispy, see-through bangs we all loved last year is still here to stay. Subtly curled and partly covering the forehead, this cut is best for those opting for a more feminine and whimsical look. Still, these bangs that require daily styling can be difficult to maintain in our humid tropical weather. For your convenience, and also to give the look a refreshing update, quickly transform them into curtain bangs by parting them in the centre on busy days. 

Micro chic

Want bangs that are friendlier to round faces? Or just looking to be more experimental with your hair? Trim your fringe shorter so that it’s higher than your eyebrows. But be careful of cutting it too bluntly — micro fringes only work to slim down your face if their ends are slightly curved and narrow. 


Handsomely short

Those who had long hair for most of their life may perhaps want to try this boyish style for a change. Completely overhaul your look with this style that’s versatile and convenient. Imagine no longer sweating because of thick tresses covering your neck. Have your strands cut just right above your ears for the perfectly sophisticated look.

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