Japanese Hair Trends In 2021 To Inspire Your Next ‘Do | CoolJapan

When we think of Japanese hair trends, the blunt fringe is the first to come to mind because of its popularity in pop culture. Think leads from newer animes like Komi Can’t Communicate or almost all adaptations of the iconic Hana Yori Dango/Boys Over Flowers series. But there are 2021 hair trends that may take its spot. Want a new ‘do for the holidays? Take your pick from these hairstyles.

Ultra-wispy bangs

Looser fringes or wispier strands just sweeping across the forehead are becoming trendy as seen on non-no. The look can be worn s whether the woman’s hair is loose or tied. There’s definitely a certain softness and elegance to this look that’s perfect for those who want to try out a fringe without committing to a full-on cut.

Clean middle part

2021 seems to be the year where middle parts are finally considered trendy, even in Japan. Most women’s magazines, including Baila, feature models sporting this look. We suggest you give this a go for an instant makeover sans the effort.

Lob with flipped out ends

In recent years, the rise of the otona (mature/adult) appeal is also becoming more evident in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. One of the Japanese hair trends falling in this category is the lob with flipped out ends, as seen on Ray. This look has a chic, fit-for-both-work-and-play kind of vibe that gives the usual lob a little bit more flair and volume.

Wet look

The West isn’t the only one having a wet hair look moment. The trend seems to also be popular among Japanese women (and men) lately, as seen on most beauty and fashion magazines like Seventeen Japan. However, the Japanese’s take borders more on a damp, ‘air-drying post-shower’ appearance than the West’s drenched look that’s typically reserved for the red carpet; this makes it more wearable and casual-looking.

Odango hair or space buns

Despite the growing popularity of more mature looks, youthful aesthetics will never leave the spotlight when we’re talking about Japan. One of the most recent Japanese hair trends that follow the kawaii vibe is the resurging odango hair or space buns, a popular look in anime, especially in the 90s and early 2000s. Variations of the ‘do currently grace fashion magazines like Vivi, with some styled using braids while others are curled and made more stylish through accessories.

(Cover photo from: Ike Louie Natividad via Pexels)

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