4 Japanese Perfume Brands Fragrance Lovers Need To Know About | CoolJapan

If you love perfumes, whether casually or as an avid collector, then you’ve probably checked out a wide array of brands that carry the most amazing scents. Still, let us direct you to one place you might’ve overlooked: the J-beauty section.

Japanese beauty brands

Discover new fragrances with these J-beauty perfume brands.

Many Japanese perfume brands offer a great range of fragrances that usually have soft and fresh scents that are versatile and long-lasting, which make them great for our region’s constant humid weather. Make sure to check out these brands the next time you get your passport Japan-stamped.

1. Finca

Finca is a Japanese perfume brand best known for carrying unisex fragrances. This brand has almost 60 scents to choose from, which can be layered or worn on their own. Its philosophy is to help customers find their perfect scent with the assistance of the staff in its Shinjuku store who will help you step-by-step as you choose your desired fragrance. It also has store-limited scents, as well as ‘maniac’ scents which combine the most peculiar yet weirdly pleasing scent profiles.

Website: kaoribarfinca.jp/

2. Keiko Mecheri

Founder Keiko Mecheri, who is also the brand’s namesake, was born in Japan, raised in California, and studied art in Europe. Her many experiences with varying cultures inspired her scents, mostly containing Japanese oriental profiles mixed with laidback and lush fragrances referencing Los Angeles. This brand also uses sustainable fragrance sourcing and processing as a way to give back to the environment.

Website: keikomecheri.com/index.html

3. Di Ser

This Japanese perfume brand from Hokkaido has three types of scent profiles: agawood, oriental, and floral. Most of the scents’ main notes are from Japanese ingredients, which are processed and sourced by their master perfumers. its fragrance selection also includes a lot of delicate scents that are everyday-friendly and long-lasting.

Website: diser-parfum.com/en/

4. Parfum Satori

Parfum Satori is known for using ingredients imported from France in its fragrances. The brand’s owner, Satori Osawa, adopts her deep knowledge of traditional Japanese practices like tea ceremonies, ikebana (flower arranging), and more into conceptualising the perfumes. The brand often uses fruity notes like apple and pear, as well as fresh floral scent profiles like jasmine and cherry blossoms. Most of its perfumes are also specially crafted to appeal to both men and women.

Website: parfum-satori.com