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Souvenirs are one of the best ways to tell your friends and family that you are thinking about them, and more importantly, for yourself to keep those travel memories alive. There is no lack of good-quality mementoes that you can fill your luggage with when you travel to the shopping paradise of Japan, from cute trinkets to popular food items. But, if you are seeking a truly meaningful gift to take home, check out these unique Japanese souvenirs that encapsulate the culture of Japan.

Meticulously selected from all over Japan, these gifts from the OMOTENASHI Selection are more than just travel keepsakes. It is a curated collection of products and services that reflect the spirit of Japanese hospitality.

1. Picture Tenugui by CASE CORPORATION

A Tenugui is a traditional Japanese towel with a long history in Japanese culture. More than just a hand towel, this versatile cloth also serves various roles such as a head cover to keep off sweat, for wrapping items and even as decoration.

Picture Tenugui by CASE CORPORATION

CASE CORPORATION’s Picture Tenugui features the vibrant scenery of Japan’s beautiful four seasons created using a traditional hand-dyeing technique unique to Yokohama city in Kanagawa Prefecture, known as Yokohama Nassen.

This sophisticated screen-printing method is carried out by skilled artisans who artfully apply dozens of colours and stencils by hand to produce the most intricate designs on an exclusive wazarashi fabric (bleached cotton) called Wakaba. With a high thread count, this fine fabric brings out the unique texture of natural fibres and vivid colours.

Picture Tenugui by CASE CORPORATION Winter

Just like Japan’s changing seasons, new designs are seasonally introduced, with over 3,000 designs in total! Choose from nature scenes depicting Japan’s famed cherry blossoms or illustrations of symbolic wildlife such as carp and cranes. Stylish yet playful, CASE CORPORATION’s Picture Tenugui can be framed up as a stunning display piece that can be enjoyed in perpetuity.

2. Kagamino Horori Cookie by Wakana L.P.

Japan is well-known for its delightful confections but this melt-in-your-mouth Kagamino Horori Cookie by Wakana L.P. takes the cake. Made with fluffy wheat flour sourced locally in Tsuyama, Okayama Prefecture, and the finest Belgian couverture chocolate, the veteran pastry chef at WAKANA patisserie created the most delectable cookies with a brand-new texture.

Kagamino Horori Cookie by WAKANA L.P.

Completely handmade using the best ingredients, the Kagamino Horori has the unique texture of a crumbly cookie and a smooth rich chocolate at the same time. When eaten at room temperature, the cookie is softer and melts easily to fill your palate with decadence. When it is chilled, it becomes a crunchy cookie that you cannot stop munching.

Besides its signature chocolate flavour, the Kagamino Horori is packed with four other delicious flavours as the perfect gift. “White Milk” pleases with a rich milky taste, “Mango” exudes the fragrant sweetness of the tropical fruit, “Strawberry” tantalises with a sweet tartness, and “Matcha” lets you enjoy the mild bitterness of Uji Matcha tea.

Kagamino Horori Cookie by WAKANA L.P. with box

3. Kameyama Onsen’s Yunohana 100% hot spring soap by Kameyama Onsen Hotel

Soaking in the mineral-rich waters of Japan’s natural hot springs is an unforgettable experience like no other. With this Kameyama Onsen’s Yunohana 100% hot spring soap, you can now bring the goodness of the hot spring home and even share it with your friends!

Kameyama Onsen’s Yunohana 100% hot spring soap by Kameyama Onsen Hotel

Made using 100% natural hot spring water sourced locally from the Kameyama area in the Boso Peninsula of Chiba Prefecture, the soap produced by Kameyama Onsen Hotel Co., Ltd, is left to dry naturally for 90 days where it then turns into a cleansing bar with beauty benefits.

Renowned to be one of Japan’s top three hot springs for beautiful skin, the gushing hot spring at Kameyama Onsen contains an abundance of sodium chloride and bicarbonate that are reputed to help remove dead skin cells, retain moisture and make your skin silky smooth. The water also has a high content of metasilicic acid and is rich in plant-derived nutrients that have been deposited since ancient times, which are elements that further contribute to great-looking skin.

Yunohana Hot Spring Soap

Lather the soap into a thick foam and luxuriate in the age-old beauty ritual of the Japanese people.

4. Kanazawa Sweet An-Spread by Sanada An Corp.

Start the day right with a tasty and nutritious breakfast made with Japan’s traditional vegetables! This soft and creamy Kanazawa Sweet An-Spread, which is an ‘an’ sweet spread, is delicious on fresh bread and makes a scrumptious topping for yoghurt.

Kanazawa Sweet An-Spread by Sanada An Corp.

Anko (red bean paste) has always been a well-loved traditional Japanese food for generations. To share this delicious taste with the world, Sanada An Corp., an anko specialty store with more than 75-year-old heritage in Kanazawa created an artisanal series of ‘an’ sweet spread that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Ingredients such as roasted sweet potato, red-skinned sweet chestnut pumpkin and roasted green tea from the Kaga region of Ishikawa Prefecture, and rare Noto Dainagon adzuki beans are used. These naturally-sweet vegetables are then cooked with beet sugar, which is rich in minerals and oligosaccharides, to create a flavourful paste that is well-balanced in its sweetness and highly nutritious.

Sweet An-Spread by Sanada An Corp. different flavours

The Kanazawa Sweet An-spread can be safely enjoyed by anybody such as small children and people with dietary restrictions such as vegetarians, vegans and those on a gluten-free diet. It is quite the perfect souvenir that represents Japan’s culture where creativity breathes life into tradition.

(Product photos from OMOTENASHI Selection)