Kanagawa Beaches And Tourist Spots To Visit | CoolJapan

In March this year, a print of Hokusai's famous "Great Wave off Kanagawa" got sold for USD1.6 million at a Christie's auction. It's no surprise — the revered artist’s woodblock print "Under the Well of the Great Wave off Kanagawa", which was created sometime around 1831, continues to be an iconic piece of art and inspires designers and artists across the world. 

If you’re planning to visit Kanagawa to see if you can catch a glimpse of this famous coastline, why not spend a bit more time exploring the spectacular scenery in the Miura Peninsula? Here are a few special spots to add to your must-visit list. 

Zushi Beach

With postcard-perfect views of Mt. Fuji across the bay, it’s no wonder Zushi Beach is a crowd favourite. This family-friendly beach is popular for its long stretches of soft sand and calm sea conditions. Young ones will love splashing about in the shallow waters while those slightly older can paddle further out in a sea kayak. There is a supermarket across the road from Zushi train station (about 15 minutes away) where you can pick up a bento for a picnic by the beach or simply take your pick from the many cafes and eateries lining the area. 

Jogashima Island

Located near the south end of Miura Peninsula, this is a lick of an island — it’s only 1.8KM from east to west and 0.6KM from north to south. Despite its small size, this picturesque island continues to draw day-trippers attracted by the raw beauty of its rugged cliffs and panoramic sea views. On the island, you’ll also find the Jogashima Lighthouse, which was first built in 1870, making it the fourth oldest in the country. Don’t leave Jogashima without trying some sumptuous fresh seafood at the Misaki Fisharina Wharf, situated close to the harbour. 


While it’s perhaps better known as being a naval base for both Japanese and American fleets, this coastal city still delivers in terms of natural beauty. Take a stroll along the waterfront Verny Park, home to a wide variety of gorgeous blooms; or hop on the Yokosuka Naval Port cruise. This 45-minute tour introduces you to the different ships — from submarines to aircraft carriers — as well as offers scenic views of undulating hills rising over the port.


Enjoy a slower pace of life at this charming coastal city located just one hour from Tokyo by train. Here, you can spend an idyllic weekend snoozing along the many sandy beaches in between checking out the burgeoning craft beer scene. Some of the more popular beaches include Yuigahama, Zaimokuza and Koshigoe, which stretches out to the nearby Enoshima Island. Enjoy a soft cream cone as you watch the surfers ride the waves or simply catch a snooze under a giant beach umbrella. For those feeling a bit more energetic, there are also plenty of ancient Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines worth visiting.