5 Luxury Japanese Beauty Brands Worth Investing In | CoolJapan

You may know J-beauty from the cheaper, more popular brands on the market. However, if you’re looking to splurge a little and invest, luxury Japanese beauty brands are available too and they are definitely what you should look at. In case you’re unfamiliar, allow us to introduce you to some more that you should definitely have on your radar.


Minimalist packaging, barely there makeup that gives a natural-looking finish, a wide range of skincare products — that’s what Decorte is all about. Boasting innovative technology, it now also offers an online skin diagnostic service which allows you to get proper recommendations from their product range based on the results. Its products prices range from USD25 (still quite affordable!) to USD125+++.

We recommend: Decorte Moisture Liposome Serum. One of the brand’s long-time bestsellers, this product aims to “change the destiny of your skin” by dealing with dryness, roughness, and restoring your skin’s overall texture.

Cle de Peau Beaute

Despite its Western-sounding name, Cle De Peau Beaute is actually a luxury Japanese beauty brand. It has been extensively studying and making use of skin cell science to make products that “unlock the skin’s ultimate radiance.” Did we mention that the packaging of each and every product is elegant, too? Some of its products peak at USD200.

We recommend: Cle de Peau Beaute The Serum. This illuminating serum helps to regenerate and renew the skin from dullness, dryness, and signs of ageing. Plus, can you really resist the multi-chromatic packaging?


Suqqu may not be as popular as others but it is a brand you shouldn’t skip out on. This brand follows the Japanese philosophy that what’s on the inside should match the outside. This is why its products formulated to provide results that are deep into the skin so users can unleash their glow. Most of the products are also formulated especially for more mature women. Its products start at USD70.

We recommend: Suqqu Color Collection 2021 eyeshadow quads. Each Suqqu makeup range is inspired by the season it’s released in, making each collection inspired and thematic but still very versatile. These eyeshadow quads are perfect examples of that, providing complementing shades that work great individually and when blended together.

Koh Gen Do

J-beauty fans are familiar with Koh Gen Do and its iconic red packaging. But behind its cult following is actually a story that’s rooted in Japanese actress Ai Saotome’s goal to create makeup that delivers coverage and glow fit for TV and film. For years, it has earned the favour of many makeup enthusiasts. Bestsellers start at USD70.

We recommend: Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation. This product gives an amazing amount of coverage while still giving the skin a nice, skin-like hydrated glow.


If you love beauty picks that not only perform beautifully but also look incredibly stunning, POLA’s pieces are the ones to get. The brand’s philosophy ‘Science. Art. Love.’ combines innovation and research to come up with the most effective product formulas for each specific range. POLA also highlights artistry in packaging design. POLA products range from USD90 to USD250 each.

We recommend: POLA’s latest B.A. Base Makeup Color Cream. Each product in the Base Makeup line absorbs moisture from your surroundings while breaking down airborne toxins to protect your skin from harmful elements. It also converts long-wavelength UVA rays to visible light, giving your skin a radiant glow. This one has a rich texture that melts beautifully to the skin andgives that lit-from-within look.

Sometimes, we often let ourselves get intimidated by prices when shopping for beauty picks. But remember, if it works wonderfully and actually give you your money’s worth, it’s worth your investment.

(Cover photo from: Mathilde Langevin)