Traditional artisanal craftsmanship and serious watchmaking credentials are artfully bound in Maker’s Watch Knot, a brand which hails from Kichijoji, a town in Tokyo. Just like its hometown, the brand exudes both Japanese tradition and minimalistic modernity, a combination that is almost exclusively Tokyo’s.

With the solar watch face, one of many Maker’s Watch Knot’s options, you will never have to worry about changing the battery.

The interior of the watches are driven by the technology of Citizen and Seiko while the straps are made with 100 per cent naturally derived vegetable-tanned leather and traditional materials from across Japan.

These Japanese silk braided straps, traditionally used for a decorative string for kimono sash, are not just effortlessly stylish but also a great conversation starter.

Tochigi and Himeji leather are its most popular, while those featuring Kyoto silk braided straps, Yamanashi umbrella canvas and even tatami ribbons must be some of the most unusual straps available in today’s market. Those missing their yearly pilgrimage to the land of wagyu and sake can finally put something Japanese on their hands until our borders are opened. For something more classic and formal, opt for the Milanese mesh and stainless link that comes in colours like silver, gold, rose gold and black.

The possibilities are endless. Pack an extra strap for a change of look.

If you are looking for affordable luxury with a conscience, Maker’s Watch Knot is your brand. The tonnes of spring water used in tanning the astonishingly soft leather used to make their straps are filtered before they are returned to the springs.

Time to get your hands on one of these. Sustainable fashion never looked this good.

Fully customisable, down to even the colour of the buckles, the brand features at least 72 faces and 120 straps, offering 10,000 possibilities in total. Every premium steel face comes equipped with extra durable sapphire glass, the same kind often used in luxury Swiss watches. Featuring timeless style with Japanese precision, the watches are priced from $250 onwards, a veritable steal for such excellent quality.

Head to the website and start by selecting a watch face. From the classically elegant tonneau watch face to the modern matt black solar watch face, Maker’s Watch Knot has something for everyone. Their strap collection is equally sizeable. You might be overwhelmed by its seemingly endless list but they are neatly packed into sections of metal, leather and fabric. Each category is jam packed with gems like the stylish Milanese mesh, premium lizard leather and Kyoto Kumihimo silk. Finish it off by picking the colour of the buckle and the website will present you with your new favourite look.

For my choice, I picked the square rose gold watch face and matched it with a pink crocodile strap.

I loved the subtle shades of pink when I viewed it online but it looks even better in real life!

To custom design your very own watch head to the link below.

Knot Custom Order Watch

SGD 250 onwards

*The product/s featured are available for purchase in Singapore only.

(Photo from: Maker's Watch Knot)