A Quick Makeup Guide For All Occasions | CoolJapan

Whether you’re a makeup noob or a beauty connoisseur, it’s always good to brush up on the basics. Who wants to appear with overly done makeup at a casual gathering, right? It always pays to know the right combination of makeup products to use for specific occasions, like a wedding or even casual get-togethers. If you find yourself in need of a party makeup cheat sheet, here it is.

For casual gatherings

When it comes to casual gatherings, it’s better to keep it simple. Focus on your skincare routine to achieve a healthy, natural glow. You could also skip the foundation and opt for a CC cream or creamy concealer to even out your skin tone instead. Add a nice flush of colour to your cheeks by dabbing on a peachy blush, like the CanMake Cream Cheek Blush in CL05. Then, tame your brows with feather-like strokes of an eyebrow pencil and top it off with some clear brow gel. Finally, swipe on a nude or rosy pink lipstick for a natural pout.

For a special dinner

To dine in style, wear a transfer-proof lipstick to avoid any embarrassing “lipstick on teeth” moments. Choose a complexion product that melts into your skin, so you don’t have to touch up throughout the night. Investing in a good powder to set your base with is also a good thing to do. We suggest Shiseido’s Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Foundation and Invisible Silk Loose Powder, as both deliver a natural, “my skin but better” finish. You don’t even need to use a highlighter - just let the candle-light provide the glow you want.

For a wedding

Weddings are beautiful occasions to celebrate a life filled with love. For this, you should opt for a fresh and natural-looking makeup look. A subtle highlighter with a pink undertone will brighten up your look perfectly. If you’re wearing mascara or eyeliner, make sure they’re waterproof — a few tears will surely escape during the ceremony. We suggest the combination of the holy grail Kiss Me Heroine Make Waterproof Long and Curl Mascara and KATE Tokyo’s Super Sharp Liner.

For a cocktail party

You can be a little more dramatic with your makeup look for a cocktail party. The key is to keep it looking chic and sophisticated. A nice red lipstick like the Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Matte Lipstick in RD163 can be paired with neutral eyes. Or you can go for a colourful shimmery eye look with a nude lippie is the combination you want to make. Just remember: bold eyes and bold lips don’t go together. Choose to accentuate one focal point on your face and keep everything else simple to balance things out.

For a formal event

For more formal events, like a ball or prom, go all out with the smokey eyeshadows and nice wispy lashes. We recommend the Shiseido Essentialist Eye Palette in Cat Street Pops/07, as it has a good range of purple shades that will let you create a dark smokey eye look. A strong-hold setting spray is also a must, so your makeup won’t melt off during the night.

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